Trump on Media’s Baseless Claims Putin Poisoned Navalny: “We Haven’t had Any Proof Yet”

The media will say things like “Trump claimed without evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense,” when the event is on video.

Then they will make the claim with no evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin poisoned opposition leader Alexi Navalny, offer no evidence, and demand that Donald Trump agree with them.


President Trump denied there is any proof that Russia poisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny at a White House press conference on Friday, saying he would be “very angry if that is the case.”

Why it matters: Trump, in his first public comments since Nalvany fell ill during a flight from Siberia to Moscow, said: “I don’t know exactly what happened.” The German government announced this week that the poisoning was conducted with Novichok, a chemical typically associated with Russian security services.

What Trump’s saying: “So, I don’t know exactly what happened. I think that it is tragic. It is terrible. It should not happen. We have not had any proof yet, but we will take a look. … I would be very angry if that is the case.”

Instead of backing the German government’s analysis of Nalvany’s illness, Trump spoke of his relationship with other countries around the world and noted ongoing negotiations with Russia on a non-proliferation agreement.

The claim that Putin did the poisoning is nonsensical. It makes absolutely zero sense that he would want to put himself in this position.

What’s more:

The situation is this: if you are a country that the US State Department does not like, billions of dollars are going to be poured into funding opposition politicians in your country. You pretty much have to have this, unless you want to be a totally closed country like North Korea.

So, if you have to have this opposition – and Russia definitely does have to have this opposition – you want it to be as inept as possible. Navalny was playing this role perfectly. He was completely impotent. No one liked him. He only had support from homosexuals, drug addicts and neo-Nazis, and there was zero evidence that support base was growing.

Navalny is only 44 years old. It would be difficult to replace him as the opposition leader while he’s alive. So Putin basically had smooth-sailing on the “CIA-backed domestic opposition” front with this guy steering the fail boat.

Meanwhile, the CIA would have wanted to replace him. Poisoning him clears the way to replace him with a more competent opposition leader, and also creates this massive diplomatic debacle, which is being used against Trump as much as against Putin.

They’re literally talking about ending the deal for the Nord Stream, a massive gas pipeline operation, because of this goofy nonsense. Imagine that.

Basically, people are so dumbed down that they’re incapable of asking: “who benefits?” The only thing they can understand is, “oh, they are political parties against each other – guy against him must have killed him.”

Normies were always simple-minded, but these days, we’ve reached a whole new realm.

And also – I’m obligated to say this – who gives a shit?

If for some reason Putin decided to make himself look like an idiot and try (and fail) to assassinate his opposition by poisoning his tea, what does that have to do with America or Germany?

Who turned NATO into Jesus Christ, judger of sins?

Putin should get the tattoo.

Do you notice that China and Russia don’t come out and say things like, “we’re going to have to cut trade with America, because they’re injecting their children with sex hormones to turn them into trannies”? It’s difficult to imagine anything that is conceivably more immoral than that, and Russia and China would both agree this is immoral, but they don’t feel the need to try to inflict their morality upon us.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is openly campaigning on a promise to escalate conflict with Russia as a way to inflict Western morals on them.

Who benefits from this?

Who is even supposed to benefit from it? 

Is it just supposed to “increase total global morality”?

This entire “it’s our duty to spread our morality across the earth” ideology was only invented by neocon Jews as a way to start global conflict by exploiting the fragile emotional state of women and womanlike men.

It will make you nuts, all of this.