Trump on Cheney Ouster: “Liz Cheney is a Bitter, Horrible Human Being”

As was predicted, Liz Cheney was ousted from her position as the number 3 House Republican on Wednesday, showing that the Real President Donald Trump still does hold power over the party, regardless of his inability to properly run an internet communications apparatus.

I gave Trump some crap earlier for shilling for the Jews.

But hey – his condemnation of Liz Cheney was really funny.

It’s confusing, and just shows how much of a boomer he is – because Liz Cheney is the number one person in the GOP shilling for Israel.

He called the decision by her father, Dick Cheney, to start these never-ending wars in the Middle East “the worst decision in our country’s history.” Of course, those wars were for Israel, and Dick Cheney was one of only a handful of non-Jews who supported those wars.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump at this point, he still does have influence, and we can thank him for getting rid of Cheney.

What I would hope is that he now takes down Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, both of whom did him just as dirty as Dirty Liz.

The best possible thing that could happen would be for the GOP to simply collapse in on itself. That should be Donald Trump’s goal. He can’t possibly think he is going to win in 2024 – the Democrats stole the election from him, and now they’re in charge of the next election. Why would they let him win? Makes zero sense.

The Democrats have created a one party system, but so many stupid Republicans don’t know that this is a one party system.

I will continue to maintain this: at any time, this can all be turned around if the White, Christian American people want it to turn around. But for them to want to turn it around, they have to understand what is happening.

(Note: For people who don’t want to hear about Trump or think I should quit talking about Trump or whatever – this site is read by a lot of different kinds of people and it is important to keep a link to the mainstream happenings to avoid being self-ghettoized.)