Trump Now 2 Points Up, Lying Jew Media Keeps Saying Clinton is “Soaring Ahead”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2016


As of Sunday, August 21st, Trump is leading Clinton by 2 points, according to the daily LA Times poll.

Despite this, the filthy lying Jew media continues to claim that Trump is so far behind, he cannot possibly win.

The front page of the Washington Post today has an article entitled “With a comfortable lead, Clinton begins laying plans for her White House agenda,” implying that Clinton is so sure of her victory that she isn’t even campaigning anymore and is instead just getting ready to take control.


Note the article below it – we’ll get to that one later today.

This is their new strategy: just keep saying she’s winning, based on a few faked polls, and convince the people that if they vote Trump they’ll be voting for a loser.

This fits into what Scott Adams talks about with regards to using persuasion to appeal to the irrational emotions of the people. It is, admittedly, a pretty good strategy. However, there are lots of good strategies one could pursue for rigging an election when one has total control of the entire media apparatus.

And remember this: although they are lying, and we are winning the national polls, they are also pretending the national polls matter, when in actual fact they don’t – the only numbers which matter are the numbers in the swing states. 100% of California and New York voting for Hillary is completely irrelevant.

Keep Winning

I have heard several in our movement over the last two weeks saying “ah well, Trump is obviously doomed, gotta start thinking about other things now.”

This is exactly what the Jews want us to do.

Don’t fall for their Jew tricks, and call out anyone who is. We need to stay high-energy. Our Meme Machine, fueled by the holy mana of KEK, is the driving force behind the Trump campaign. I used to say that half-jokingly, but at this point it’s just an obvious fact, which even the entire Jewish media is admitting.

So keep your head up and focus on reality. The reality that we are winning, and we are going to win, as long as we keep our eye on the prize and keep pushing our memes.

We need to ratchet it up. Keep the noise everywhere. If you’ve been banned from Twitter, make a new account. Don’t ever read a news article without leaving a pro-Trump comment (even I do this). When you’re on Steam or X-Box Live, drop pro-Trump comments left and right. Wear your MAGA hat in public (anywhere you’re not going to get physically attacked for it), and make sure all of your friends and family are going to be at the polls on November 8th.

You have a duty to your race, a duty to future generations.

Don’t fail.

Donald Trump

Hail Victory.