Trump Nominates Anti-Jew Figure as Ambassador to Germany

The Jews demand that everyone who is ever involved in the US government have an unflinching devotion to them. If there is ever a threat that someone who doesn’t worship the Jews might get into power, they go totally ape.


US President Donald Trump announced his intent on Monday to nominate retired US Army Col. Douglas Macgregor as US ambassador to Germany to succeed Richard Grenell, despite the veteran’s views of Jews and the Iranian threat.

In a 2012 interview with The Daily Bell, Macgregor blamed neoconservatives, or “neocons,” for “making decisions in Washington that in their minds are beneficial to a foreign power and are not necessarily good for the American people or the United States.”

Some of the first neocons, including Irving Kristol, were Jewish.

“It is a mistake to insist, as I increasingly hear from people, that ‘all Jews are somehow or another unconditional supporters of whatever the Israeli state wants to do, regardless of what is in the American interest,” said Macgregor. “That’s simply not true. What you have are numbers of people who call themselves neocons. They operate in a variety of settings in the government and in the media, and they support or advocate, for all intents and purposes, unconditional support for whatever the Israeli government wants to do. They are no means the majority and they are by no means representative of what I would call Americans who happen to be Jewish.”

In an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s prime-time show on Fox News, Macgregor dismissed the Iranian threat, saying “there’s no evidence that Iran wants to attack us.”

Macgregor also blamed “neocon” advisers for Trump eliminating Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani earlier this year.

Everything this guy is saying is just basic, accurate and reasonable. Everyone knows that neocons are Jews and that they are the ones who got America into all of these wars. It’s not some big secret. Even if you don’t hate the Jews – hell, even if you love the Jews – the fact that the wars were started by Jews cannot be denied.

I hope this is the beginning of a trend. I would love to get more anti-Jew figures in positions of power.