Trump Moves to Allow the Hunting of Wolves! Wolves are OUR ENEMIES!

Donald Trump is an Orange Supremacist. He thinks orange people are superior.

Now, he’s extending his hatred of the non-orange to the animal kingdom.

You notice that he’s not going after the orange wolf – just the gray wolf.

NBC News:

Trump administration officials on Thursday stripped Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in most of the U.S., ending longstanding federal safeguards and putting states and tribes in charge of overseeing the predators.

The U.S. Department of Interior announcement just days ahead of the Nov. 3 election could lead to resumption of wolf hunts in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin — a crucial battleground in the campaign between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

It’s the latest in a series of administration actions on the environment that appeal to key blocs of rural voters in the race’s final days, including steps to allow more mining in Minnesota and logging in Alaska.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Waltz, who opposes recreational wolf hunting, called the decision disappointing and wildlife advocacy groups pledged to fight it in court.

Both feared and revered by people, gray wolves have recovered from near extinction in parts of the country but remain absent from much of their historical range.

Federal wildlife officials contend thriving populations in the western Great Lakes region, Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest ensure the species’ long-term survival. They argue it’s not necessary for wolves to be in every place they once inhabited to be considered recovered.

Of course it’s not necessary for them to be everywhere they once were, and it is actually insane to make the claim that they should be everywhere they once inhabited. Wolves are literally dangerous to humans.

The single reason that there aren’t regular wolf-on-human attacks in our records is that wolves were hunted near to extinction in the early days of the country – largely because they were dangerous.


Wolf numbers consistently dropped across the US during the 20th century and by the 1970s they were only significantly present in Minnesota and Alaska (though in greatly reduced populations than prior to the European colonization of the Americas). The resulting decrease in human-wolf and livestock-wolf interactions helped contribute to a view of wolves as not dangerous to humans. By the 1970s, the pro-wolf lobby aimed to change public attitudes towards wolves, with the phrase “there has never been a documented case of a healthy wild wolf attacking a human in North America” (or variations thereof) becoming a slogan for people seeking to create a more positive image for the wolf. Several non-fatal attacks including the April 26, 2000, attack on a 6-year-old boy in Icy Bay, Alaska, seriously challenged the assumption that healthy wild wolves were harmless. The event was considered unusual and was reported in newspapers throughout the entire United States. Following the Icy Bay incident, biologist Mark E. McNay compiled a record of wolf-human encounters in Canada and Alaska from 1915 to 2001. Of the 80 described encounters, 39 involved aggressive behavior from apparently healthy wolves and 12 from animals confirmed to be rabid.

The first fatal attack in the 21st century occurred on November 8, 2005, when a young man was killed by wolves that had been habituated to people in Points North Landing, Saskatchewan, Canada while on March 8, 2010, a young woman was killed while jogging near Chignik, Alaska.

We have all of these stories of wolf attacks in our mythology – the Big Bad Wolf, and so on.

Where do those stories come from?

Well, in Europe, there were regular wolf attacks. Thousands dead. Those stories are to remind us.

As wolves have been brought back, attacks have become a thing, and they will get worse and worse the more of them there are.

Of course, the more practical consideration is what they do to livestock. Wolves are a disaster for sheep farmers, but they can even kill cows.

People say they’re beautiful.

So urbanites, who have no idea what is going on out in the rural areas, because they’ve never left the city in their lives, what them running around everywhere. It’s a bit like how upper-middle class people in all white neighborhoods push for nonwhite immigration into working class neighborhoods.

Imagine being a farmer and all your sheep are getting killed by wolves and you’re not allowed to kill the wolf because some hipster faggot in the city thinks it’s sad if a wolf dies.

The reason wolves are “endangered” now is that people actively tried to exterminate them, because they were dangerous to humans and livestock. There are people in Alaska right now lobbying to exterminate them.

Here’s an essay by someone from Alaska explaining why wolves should be exterminated.

This dumb boomer hippy crap has to go away. We’ve had enough of it. Some millennials love it, but not to the same extent as the boomers. Younger people are totally disconnected from the Fern Gully cult.

Wolves should stay on nature reserves, or they should be shot, period.