Trump May Shut Everything Down: Demands Wall Funding in ‘Major Border Security Package’ or Else

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2018

He’s already a couple of years in and The Wall is nowhere to be seen while caravans of orcs march north towards America.

The Hill:

Trump has kept the door open to a potential government shutdown if an upcoming deal to fund parts of the government does not include funding for a border wall. Congress has until Dec. 7 to fund the rest of the government after lawmakers punted on seven of the 12 individual funding bills before the end-of-the-fiscal-year deadline.

Remember your words, Mr. President.

If there’s no funding for The Wall, don’t sign it. You promised. Shut it down if you have to. Shut it all down.

Keep it shut down for as long as it takes. Take a stance. Make your move. It’s time.

There’s barbarians at the gate, except there’s no gate because you haven’t put it there yet.

Your people could use a wall and a nice gate right about now.

You could have gotten on Patreon or something to crowd-source The Wall right after you won the elections, Mr. President, and we’d be in a much better position right now. Americans would fund it. Some may say “that’s not very presidential,” but you know what? Fuck presidential etiquette. We’re at war. We need a commander. We need a king. We don’t need glorified puppets in a suit.

Yes. This is war. We’re fighting. All the time. Maintaining peace is a constant battle against Chaos.

But what we have now isn’t peace, it’s a show meant to distract you from the war fought behind your back, in the shadows. People twiddling their thumbs without realizing their enemies are making moves doesn’t make it peace. Anesthetized people can still be attacked and hurt.

It’s time to wake up. Think outside of the jew-box.

muh funding

Fuck the funding.

Just do it, Mr. President.

Order your people to build it. Literally.

I hereby grant permission to my followers to unite and build The Wall.”

People will organize and fund it themselves. They’ll build it themselves. Plenty of capable blue-collar workers. Just throw some guidelines, safety stuff for the construction and then some supervision framework to enforce it, and let people follow it.

The Wall circus has to stop. It has to be built now.