Trump Likely to Win Supreme Court Case Against Hawaii Over Travel Ban

Daily Stormer
April 27, 2018

It’s ridiculous this even needed to go to the SCOTUS.


President Donald Trump appears likely to win his travel ban case at the Supreme Court, the AP reports. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy both signaled support for the travel policy in arguments Wednesday at the high court. The ban’s challengers almost certainly need one of those two justices if the court is to strike down the ban on travelers from several mostly Muslim countries. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the most aggressive questioner of Solicitor General Noel Francisco in his defense of the Trump policy, and the three other liberal justices also raised questions about it. The justices voted in December to allow the policy to take full effect pending their full consideration. Wednesday was the first time they took it up in open court. The Trump administration is asking the court to reverse lower court rulings that would strike down the ban.

Trump has the power to just ban people from coming into America. Every president has had that power. It’s an issue of national security, and the president has absolute power in that regard.

It shouldn’t even be possible for some crappy little islands to try and delay him doing that for as long as they can.

The fact we’re having the discussion at all is simply proof of the bizarre state of judicial tyranny this country is under.

At least we now control the SCOTUS – sort of – so that some of this stuff can get worked out.