Trump Lawyer Says Mueller Illegally Seized 10,000 Emails!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2017

With rumors swirling that President Trump is preparing to fire the conspiracy theorist/conspirator Robert Mueller, it’s looking as though he’s got a pretty good reason to.


FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller, looking for collusion between US President Donald Trump and Russia, has breached the law by requesting a government agency to hand over confidential emails, Trump’s counsel told Congress.

In a letter sent to the House and the Senate and seen by Fox News, Kory Langhofer, lawyer for Trump’s transition team, claimed that Mueller obtained “tens of thousands of emails,” including confidential communications between a client and a lawyer, due to “unlawful conduct” by the staffers at the General Services Administration (GSA), which hosted the Trump team’s email servers during the transition.

Accusing the GSA of “unauthorized disclosures” for giving Mueller access to private information it “did not own or control,” Langhofer went to blame the agency for infringing on the right of the US citizens to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures, as guaranteed by the 4th Amendment.

The special counsel’s office has reportedly made “extensive use” of the texts seized from Trump’s transition team that include “materials that are susceptible to privilege claims,” Langhofer wrote, adding that apart from internal emails, the GSA also handed over laptops, cell phones and an iPad at its own liberty.

Trump’s team discovered what it believes a breach of privacy on December 12 and December 13, the lawyer said, noting that some of the compromised materials were leaked to the media by “unknown persons.”

Appealing to the Senate Homeland Security and House Oversight Committee, Langhofer called on them to ensure future transitions are secured form being mishandled by government bodies, in particular when it is under an investigation driven by political motives.

With the lingering probe into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia having failed so far to produce any proof to support the allegations, it itself has been hit with claims of potential conflict of interest. Last week, it was revealed that one of Mueller’s investigative team members, prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, publicly expressed his admiration to former US Attorney General Sally Yates, fired by Trump after defying a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. It was also reported that Weissmann attended former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s election party in November 2016.

Clearly, the entire Russian kookspiracy fishing expedition was driven by powermad extremists on the warpath after being driven into a frenzy by their Jewish masters.

If those involved with the probe weren’t totally corrupt and willing to abuse power, then they wouldn’t be involved with the probe.

So it isn’t shocking that they would be engaged in illegal forms of espionage against the President and his people – especially after going fishing for the better part of a year and not catching a damned thing.

I would also be extremely shocked if Trump had a lawyer out there making this up.

So this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

If Mueller is to be fired, it is highly preferable that he be fired in disgrace.

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