Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Says Jeffrey Epstein is Still Alive

Lin Wood is a lawyer for Donald Trump.

He just tweeted that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive.

Epstein may or may not be secretly alive – I have no idea and neither does anyone else, frankly.

But this is interesting: Lin Wood is a full-on QAnon kook, by any measure. And he is very close to the President. The same is true of Sidney Powell.

Here’s the question I want to ask: do you think Alt-Right people could have gotten this close to the President, if the Alt-Right had been managed differently?

Answer: obviously, we could have.

So, if you ever wonder why Nick Fuentes is so strict with who he allows to be involved with America First – this is why. The Alt-Right was completely destroyed, just as it reached within striking distance of real power. And strange, freakish people were responsible for that failure. They did things we all know, and I won’t go over.

But right now, QAnon crazies are right in the Oval Office, working with and for the President.

That very easily could have been us. And I dare say, things would be going a lot better if that had been us.