Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Calls for Trump to Declare Martial Law

I am no longer the only person calling for Real President Donald Trump to declare martial law in the face of this unprecedented election fraud.

Lin Wood is the lawyer of Our Boy Kyle, the Covington Catholic Nick Sandmann, and a member of Donald Trump’s legal team.

And he has done the thing.

This is not a fringe figure. He is a member of Donald Trump’s own legal team.

This is more than a tweet. It’s not mere rhetoric. Wood linked to a press statement from the We the People Convention calling on Trump to make the move and make it happen.

The entire statement was published on Tuesday, on the WTPC website and as a full page ad in the Washington Times. They even have it in easy-to-share meme format.

The press release, written by Ohio political activist Tom Zawistowski (Polish), gives details on the historical precedent for a declaration of martial law, frames it as absolutely necessary to avoid a civil war, and lays out a clear framework to make this happen. I don’t know if this was based on my writings, or if me and this guy are just 1000% on the same page, but he also calls for Trump to silence the seditious media.

Wood would not post this without having thought a lot about it.

It’s probable that he’s talked to Trump himself about it. At the very least, he’s talked to Rudy Giuliani about it.

In all likelihood, there won’t be any other option. They’re not giving the President any other option, they’re not giving America any other option. They’re saying: “Yeah, we stole this election, sure, it’s obvious – we’re claiming Joe Biden got 14 million more votes than Barack Obama – but we control the courts and there’s nothing you can do.”

We are backed into a corner here.

But with this lawyer saying it…

I told you from the beginning: it isn’t likely, but it is possible.

Trump could be ready to go.

I’m ready to go.

The people are with him.

This could all work out.

If he declares martial law, we’re still going to have to partition the country – because as we’ve been over, there just simply isn’t any way to live with these people.

Obviously, 80 million didn’t vote for Biden. I doubt he even got Obama and Hillary’s 66 million. The overwhelming bulk of the fraud was not the massive dumps at 4 AM on November 4 in the swing states – it was in the mail-in ballots.

If I had to guess, I would reckon that Biden got just under Clinton’s 66 – between 64 and 65.

But that is a massive dump of people you can’t possibly live with. No one would vote for Joe Biden unless they have something seriously wrong with them – something which is in a lot of the cases irreversible.

But if Trump is in charge, then they’re the ones who have to secede, meaning we get to keep the swing states. The secession vote is a referendum for where there has to be 65% “yea.” We know the red states we can get that in, we know the blue states they can get that in, but with stuff like for example Ohio, where it swings back and forth, there’s no clear majority.

Our new map is going to look like this:

Maybe cities will break off, who knows. We should be generous with them, frankly. There is no reason to have a war. This can all be done peacefully.

If you live in a blue state, then that sucks for you, but frankly, it isn’t that big of a deal. You’ll be with your family, and usually the difficult part about moving is leaving your family.

Trump overseeing the partition will also obviously be much more peaceful.

Remember: this is what we have to push for. We have to push for a Trump win, we have to push for partitioning (whether he wins or not). It doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds. It is the right thing to do, and it is the only thing to do, meaning that we have to do it. The option is to do nothing. We cannot do nothing.

God is on our side, and we are doing his work.

It is up to us to do the right thing. It is not up to us to decide what is and isn’t possible.

Only Real President can make the decision.

But God would be with Real President, if he were to, in a monarch’s voice, cry “havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war.