Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Calls for Chief Justice John Roberts to Resign

Lin Wood is a little bit of a kook. But he’s our kook.

Furthermore, I find myself agreeing with everything he says.

This is hardly a ground-shaking sentiment, after Wood has literally called for Real President Trump to declare martial law and start rounding up journalists.

However: he is right.

The Supreme Court is completely out of control, and it has completely unregulated power. Our government was not designed for modern partisan politics. The Founding Fathers couldn’t have predicted that we would end up in this current situation.

Obviously, they did not intend for the government to be completely ruled by the court system, to the point where elected officials are almost an afterthought – and yet, that is the situation we find ourselves in today.

The Founders had assumed that the government and the population would be good, normal, Christian people. Instead, Jews and other malicious, bad actors have exploited the system and broken it, forcing ultimate authority into the hands of the courts, because it is the only place where our system allows for absolute power to be stored.

The courts are now dealing with things that they were never intended to deal with, simply because they have the ability.

This is like picking apples with a machine gun because the apple picking stick is broken.

I do agree that John Roberts is a malicious figure. However, I think it should be investigated whether or not Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas are being threatened. Their behavior, this refusal to deal with the election fraud, doesn’t make any basic sense.