Trump Lashes Out at Soccer Dyke, Demands She Tell NBA Jews to Tell the Blacks He Said “Hi”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2019

Trump is either mentally ill or just developmentally stunted at the emotional level of a high school teenage girl. It’s really not even funny anymore, unless, of course, you’re just taking everything that Clown World throws at you in stride.

Blumpf – or should I say, Biff – appears to genuinely fly into a rage every time someone takes a personal shot at him and he hears the media report on it.

What’s worse, Trump appears to be a villain after all and nothing but a greasy conman.

So really, the Back to the Future movies nailed his personality back in the 80s and extended it into our current era, with stunning accuracy.

Politics are decided by what someone may have said about his hair and how it made him feel, not based on any understanding of statecraft or geopolitics. He lets the neocons do all the thinking on that end for him. Keep in mind, this latest Twitter spat is happening while the decision about whether to invade Iran or not looms in everyone else’s non-senile minds.

What will the Chinese historians make of Trump’s erratic behavior one hundred years from now?

On Wednesday, the orange man lashed out at “Women’s World Cup” soccer star Megan Rapinoe after that bitch said she wouldn’t visit the White House – while calling for the Jewish owners of NBA teams to please tell their niggers that he really likes them and is going to let them out of prison if they get caught selling crack.

You can theoretically follow along with the concept that refusing an invite from the White House is an insult to the country. But that obviously isn’t what this is about.

He really woke up one day and got on Twitter to complain about a freak that looks like this:

Is it a stretch to assume that he has simply forgotten that he is the President?

Perhaps, in his mind, he’s still in Trump Tower, going broke on all of his casino investments, eating Big Macs and taking shots at lesbians on Twitter.

It turns out that we really do have Biff Tannen as president and it’s not as funny as I thought it would be.

But this is an unfair characterization of Biff.

Sure, he was a greasy casino owner without a moral fiber in his body and a double-digit IQ to boot, but I doubt he would ever get offended at bulldykes with purple hair on Twitter for not wanting to come to his house and hang out with him.