Trump Jr. Retweets Famous Anti-Semite Kevin MacDonald

Daily Stormer
August 31, 2016


Trump Junior: Total Shitlord.

News like this really makes you wonder…

Is the Trump family far more red-pilled than they’re letting on?

Daily Caller:

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Kevin MacDonald, a prominent retired alt-right psychology professor, who reiterated Monday evening the deep connection between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and UBS, a global financial services company.

MacDonald, in his tweet, analyzed a quote by Trump campaign surrogate David Wohl, in which Wohl argued Clinton aggressively transformed the Department of State into a business partner of the Clinton Foundation.

“Wohl had a detailed account of how HRC did favor for UBS. UBS then gave millions to Clinton Fnd & gave Bill $1.6 mil,” MacDonald added.

Looks like these Clinton folk have a pretty lucrative operation going on there…

hillary unmasked

You meddling kids!

And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those meddling federal investigators. And Russian hackers. And twitter trolls… and basically the rest of the country too.


Maybe these retards should have thought this through a bit better, now that I think of it.

Kevin MacDonald, who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in biobehavioral sciences in 1981, is well-known in alt-right circles as a leading intellectual for his innovative work on group evolutionary theory and advocacy of Western culture. During his career, MacDonald has written more than 100 scholarly articles and seven books.


Yes those books are about Jews.

He has, however, been widely accused of anti-semitism by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for his research on ethnic competition — in particular his arguments that Jews on average have higher verbal IQs and levels of ethnocentrism, compared to whites, which they then use to advance Jewish interests at the expense of the given host society. His academic work has been translated into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Russian and many other languages.

MacDonald is definitely an anti-Semite. And everyone knows this. He wrote three huge books about how Jews are screwing over the goyim, for God’s sake.

There is no way Donald Trump Jr. didn’t know about this when he retweeted him. I mean, a quick look at Dr. MacDonald’s twitter feed will dispel any doubts that he’s basically a Nazi.


The madman is retweeting Boatsinker memes, for God’s sake. Boatsinker is a friend of Natt, the leader of the alt-right.


He’s tweeting about Jews non-stop.

Just the fact that Trump Jr. retweeted him should bring a lot of attention to Kevin MacDonald’s work. It’s quite surprising, in fact, that the mainstream media isn’t exploding at this event.

The New York Times did mention it in their Trump feed, but haven’t yet made a real article about it.

We might be in a situation in which the Trump clan is concealing their power level – to a much greater extent than we had previously speculated.


Donald browses /pol/ everyday, using this clever contraption to remain undercover.