Trump Isn’t on the Ballot for Israel’s Elections But “Netanyahu is Essentially the Political Twin of Donald Trump”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2019

You know the saying “one hand washes the other,” right?

In this case, one hand rubs the other. This means that if Trump is Netanyahu’s greatest ally, then Netanyahu is our greatest ally, which in turn means that Israel is truly our greatest ally.


Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot for Israel’s national election, yet he’s a dominant factor for many American Jews as they assess the high stakes of Tuesday’s balloting.

At its core, the election is a judgment on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has won the post four times but now faces corruption charges. In his battle for political survival, Netanyahu has aligned closely with Trump — a troubling tactic for the roughly 75% of American Jewish voters who lean Democratic.

The world has come to understand that Netanyahu is essentially the political twin of Donald Trump,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of the liberal pro-Israel group J Street. “Unlike his previous elections, there is a much deeper antagonism toward Netanyahu because of that close affiliation between him and Trump and the Republican Party.”

Netanyahu featured Trump in a recent campaign video, while Trump has made a series of policy moves viewed as strengthening Netanyahu in the eyes of Israeli voters, including relocating the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and officially recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.

“It’s troubling,” said Halie Soifer, executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. “The U.S.-Israel relationship should not be about any two leaders or any two parties. The American Jewish community wants the relationship to remain on a bipartisan basis.”

Though it leans Democratic overall, the American Jewish community — numbering 5.5 million to 6 million — is not monolithic. Most older Jews remain supportive of Israel’s current Middle East policies, as does the roughly 10% of the Jewish population that is Orthodox. Jewish billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has been a staunch financial supporter of Trump and the GOP.

Divisions among U.S. Jews have been exacerbated by recent allegations of anti-Semitism directed at the Democrats’ two Muslim American congresswomen — Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Seizing on the controversy, Trump tweeted his support for a purported “Jexodus” movement that would encourage Jews to leave the Democratic Party.

Republicans are waiting with open arms,” Trump tweeted on March 15.

Morton Klein, president of the conservative Zionist Organization of America, predicts such an exodus will take place because of the Democrats’ decision to avoid explicit condemnation of the congresswomen.

Ben-Ami scoffed at the notion, suggesting that Jexodus was a fantasy of pro-Trump operatives.

New York-based journalist Jane Eisner, former editor of The Forward, a Jewish newspaper, said many American Jews have “Netanyahu fatigue” — even some who supported him in past.

Jack Rosen, president of the American Jewish Congress, said any surge in Netanyahu fatigue should not be interpreted as a weakening of American Jews’ support for Israeli.

There is a sense of fatigue having one leader for 10 years,” Rosen said. “Just as we’ve had Clinton fatigue and Bush fatigue.”

There’s quite a bit to talk about here.

  • Trump not being on the ballot for Israel’s elections
  • Netanyahu being Trump’s “political twin”
  • Netanyahu featuring Trump in a recent campaign video
  • Trump’s moves strengthening Israel
  • The 6 million
  • Trump wanting Jews to flood the Republican party
  • Jews having monogamy-fatigue after Netanyahu’s been their leader for 10 years

Starting with the obvious one…

Why isn’t Trump on the ballot for Israel’s elections?

He’s probably done more for Israel than Netanyahu himself, and he’s definitely done more for Israel than for the American people.

Why not make it official? He could have his best buddy Netanyahu as his vice president, which would mirror the current situation.

Win-win formula.

If Netanyahu is Trump’s political twin…

Then what does that say about Trump and his relationship with the American people?

The leader of our enemies is considered to be the political twin of our leader, and our leader has done none of the things he promised us while achieving things for Israel non-stop.

They are laughing in our faces.

If we don’t stop this madness, they’ll suck America dry.

Netanyahu featuring Trump on campaign videos

Trump has become a symbol of Israel’s prosperity for many, so much that he’s featured in Israel election’s campaign videos.

And on gigantic billboards.

Not all Jews see him as Queen Esther, savior of Jews, but the fact that a considerable number of Jews do is proof of Trump’s betrayal of the American people.

The interests of the actual American people are fundamentally incompatible with Jewish interests, starting with the fact that Jews want to turn America brown, which literally means exterminating the true American people.

Trump’s moves strengthening Israel are further proof of the Jewish control of America

Why else would the president of the United States cater to Jews?

We always hear about the American alliance with Israel but we never hear what Israel is doing for us other than allegedly being a democracy in the Middle East, which doesn’t really do anything for us.

What has Israel done for us that compensates for everything we’ve done for it?

No one even tried to explain the benefits of being Israel’s golem and we can assume that’s because they don’t need our consent for any of this. They’re already in control.

The 6 million

Jews are obsessed with that number. Everything’s about six million somethings. They just force-meme that number everywhere.

According to Jewish Virtual Library, the Jewish population of the United States was 6,925,475 in 2018, which means it’s almost 7 million.

Trump embracing the boomer republican spirit

That’s what Trump is doing by welcoming Jews into the republican party. It’s not that that would change anything though, as Jews clearly already control America. This is more of an ego battle between groups of Jews.

Jews’ monogamy fatigue

This may be the most interesting part of the whole AP piece.

Jack Rosen, president of the American Jewish Congress, said that “there is a sense of fatigue having one leader for 10 years” referring to Netanyahu, which shows one of Jew’s more apparent weaknesses; they get bored easily and constantly need to increase the Jewing.

Just like men who’ve watched too much porn and find themselves searching for more and more hardcore imagery, the Jew is never satisfied.

All could be going according to their plans. It could only be a matter of time before they get their way, but then they get bored because too much time has passed since they last pushed a button and they push another button, and suddenly people begin to wake up and the Jews start to freak out.

This is an important part of the reason why more and more people every day are beginning to see Jews for what they are. When they’re constantly getting bored and pushing new buttons, it’s easier to notice buttons being pushed.

We have to take advantage of that, and point out all the buttons that are being pushed for our people to see.

Jews can’t Jew in the open.

They can’t live in an environment where people see what they do and where people are aware of them, which is why they work so hard at brainwashing our people through movies, TV, education, and all kinds of media.

It’s all about keeping the goyim from knowing because keeping the goyim from knowing is the only way for Jews to survive.