Trump is Suing CNN for Calling Him a Russian Agent

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2020

Trump has now added CNN to the list of fake news outlets he’s suing for calling him a Russian. Earlier in the week, he filed suits against The Washington Post and the New York Times for the same thing.

If he wins this, I’ll have room to sue Al-Jazeera.

This whole concept that the media is just allowed to accuse people of being Russian agents with impunity is incomprehensible.

New York Post:

President Trump’s re-election campaign filed a libel lawsuit against CNN on Friday — the third such suit against a media organization in the last 10 days.

The suit, filed in US District Court, alleges that CNN intentionally published “false and defamatory” statements about the Trump campaign seeking help from Russia to win the 2020 election.

The complaint says it stems from an opinion piece posted on on June 13, 2019, by Larry Noble and headlined, “Soliciting dirt on your opponents from a foreign government is a crime. Mueller should have charged Trump campaign officials with it.” It was labeled as an opinion piece and featured a disclaimer that Noble is a CNN contributor but the commentary is solely his own view.

The piece states that Trump’s campaign “assessed the potential risks and benefits of again seeking Russia’s help in 2020 and has decided to leave that option on the table” as a fact, the lawsuit argues, and it remained on CNN’s website despite Trump’s legal team sending a request to retract and apologize last month.

“The complaint alleges CNN was aware of the falsity at the time it published them but did so for the intentional purpose of hurting the campaign while misleading its own readers in the process,” the Trump re-election campaign’s senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, told Fox News, who first reported the suit.

The latest suit, filed in the federal court for the Northern District of Georgia, where CNN is headquartered, comes after the campaign sued The Washington Post on Tuesday and The New York Times last Wednesday.

Ellis said the three lawsuits would “hold the publishers accountable for their reckless false reporting and also to establish the truth.”

“False statements are not protected under the U.S. Constitution; therefore, these suits will have no chilling effect on freedom of the press. If journalists are more accurate in their statements and reporting, that would be a positive development, but not why these suits were filed,” Ellis told Fox News.

The entire media is engaged in a fake news conspiracy, and they apparently thought because Trump hadn’t done anything he wasn’t ever going to do anything.

Probably of course, Trump will lose the cases and the courts will just say “we also think you’re a Russian based on these informations we found in the New York Times.”

But maybe something funny will happen?

It might be hard for something funny to happen, because most of the media is refusing to report on these lawsuits that have been filed against them. They can of course say that they can’t report on pending litigation against them, and then no one will even know about the cases.