Trump is Now Attacking Georgia for… Reopening.

We don’t get an immigration ban.

Instead we get attacks on the one governor who is trying to open back up and give people their Constitution back.


President Donald Trump says he strongly disagrees with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s plan to reopen part of that state’s economy, especially by putting beauty salons and other establishments that require close personal contact back in business.

Georgia’s move to reopen its economy is the most aggressive in the US, but many other states are also looking for ways to put people back to work, even while the coronavirus still remains a public health threat.

And a coronavirus model routinely cited by the White House warns that no state should be opening before May 1, and that Georgia shouldn’t reopen until June 19 — almost eight weeks from now.

“It’s just too soon,” Trump said Wednesday at the daily White House news briefing on coronavirus when asked about Kemp’s timetable. “The spas and the beauty parlors and the barber shops … I love them but they can want a little bit longer, just a little bit, not much, because safety has to predominate.

What for, Donald?

This is a gigantic hoax. We know that now as a matter of absolute fact.

Here’s Anthony Fauci’s graph from March 31st:

Trump, following Fauci’s advice, said that between 100,000 and 240,000 people were going to die in the next two weeks.

Well, here we are three and a half weeks later, and by the government’s own manipulated statistics, we have fewer than 50,000 deaths – total.

The new infections have completely collapsed.

New deaths are already collapsing.

There is not going to be any “new wave.” It’s summer time, and flu season is over.

We’re gonna have a new wave this summer – it’s called me listening to the Tubeway Army, drinking whisky and staring blankly as I try to figure out a plan.

Never forget: this was supposed to be the worst flu season in years, but has turned out to be the best flu season in years, because all flu deaths are getting marked as coronavirus deaths.

A Georgia Republican Congressman, Doug Collins, was also out there shilling against the governor.

Is Trump about to go full lockdown shill?

I said way back when he cucked out on reopening on Easter that when he realized what was going to happen to the economy – which is basically The Walking Dead, except Rick Grimes is Rick Sanchez – he would be more likely to agree to keep people locked inside.

Of course, it could also be simply that he wants to go along with what is popular.

But it is popular to ban immigration. Literally more popular that it has been since the 1960s.

And you saw what happened with that.

If we went full populist, where Trump just did whatever the public opinion polls said 100% of the time, that wouldn’t be the best thing ever – and it isn’t really even “leadership” – but it would be better than selective populism, where Jews get a veto.

Populism also creates the problem that except with issues that people just hate, like mass immigration, the Jewish media has an extreme influence on people’s opinions.