Trump is Finally (FINALLY) Taking on the Crime Lord and Illuminati Bastard William Barr

Your Favorite President might not be politically savvy, but he’s not stupid.

Attorney General William Barr is not only a part of this conspiracy that is unfolding before us, he is the lynchpin of it, he is holding it all together.

He is the man who:

  • Let Jeffrey Epstein die, didn’t investigate what happened
  • Refused to stop states from taking everyone’s rights away with the coronavirus hoax
  • Refused to arrest Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters, letting them burn down most of the country
  • Utterly and outright refuses to prosecute Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, Susan Rice and every last one of these conspirators, even though it is now admitted that they foisted the four-year Russia hoax on this country on purpose
  • Did many, many other things

Everything you see, all of this 2020 ultimate chaos, is the result of the actions or lack thereof of William Barr.

Your Favorite President didn’t have anyone to tell him about this, but finally, very late in the game, he’s figuring it out himself.

USA Today:

President Donald Trump has lashed out both in public and private at Attorney General William Barr after realizing the Department of Justice investigation into the origins of the Russia probe won’t be made public before Election Day, administration officials told USA TODAY.

Trump has ramped up his criticism of Barr in recent days as he seeks to make the origins of the Russia probe a major election issue. The president has long cast the Russia investigation as a political hoax meant to undermine him and has called for the indictment of his political enemies, including former President Barack Obama and former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

But Barr has said previously that neither Obama nor Biden are under a criminal investigation, despite the president’s assertions that his predecessor committed criminal offenses. Administration officials also said Trump is aware that such indictments are unlikely.

It’s not “the president’s assertions.” It’s now a fully admitted fact.

We have the documents.

Still, while recovering after contracting coronavirus, Trump has publicly pressured his attorney general.

“Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes, the greatest political crime in history of our country, then we’re going to get little satisfaction unless I win,” Trump told Fox Business News Thursday.

Trump has expressed similar sentiments in private, said two administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

A Justice Department spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment. A spokesman for John Durham, the chief federal prosecutor in Connecticut, whom Barr tapped last year to look into the origins of the Russia investigation and the FBI’s surveillance activities, declined to comment.

The Russia investigation, which the FBI began in 2016 and special counsel Robert Mueller took over in 2017, cast a dark cloud over much of Trump’s presidency and led to the indictment of half a dozen former aides and associates. Mueller’s investigation found that Russia interfered in the last presidential race to help Trump win. Members of the Trump campaign were eager beneficiaries of that effort, although Mueller’s team did not find evidence of a conspiracy with the Kremlin.

All of that has now been proved to be a hoax, created by Hillary Clinton.

The media is just reporting it as fact, still, even though it is now admitted publicly, by the government itself, to be a hoax. That is their current strategy. They are saying: “yes, the documents show it’s a hoax, but still we know that it is real, because of the senile coot Mueller’s Jewish hoaxvestigation.”

Trump and his Republican allies in Congress have been waiting anxiously for Durham’s full findings, and Barr told Fox News last summer that there will be “significant developments” before the Nov. 3 election.

But White House aides said Trump seems aware there will be no report from Durham or more indictments ahead of November, in part because of the informal Justice Department policy against sensitive legal actions too close to Election Day. Aides said Trump and Barr have discussed aspects of the Durham probe, but they don’t know details of those discussions.

During the Fox News interview, Trump claimed that Durham has already gathered enough evidence.

“I don’t know what happened to Durham, but we’re going to find out what happened to Durham, but he’s got so much stuff,” Trump said.

Speaking on Friday with radio host Rush Limbaugh, Trump was asked about media reports that Barr had told Republicans that there won’t be a report from Durham before the election.

“If that’s the case, I’m very disappointed. I think it’s a terrible thing, and I’ll say it to his face,” Trump said of Barr.

You should have gotten up in his face and said it while you were still infected with the virus, Donald. Except nothing would have happened, because the virus doesn’t kill people and probably doesn’t even make people sick.

What is sick is this situation.

Barr isn’t going to release it because Barr is in on it. That is such a glaringly obvious fact that it is shocking that Trump is not clear on this. The Republican Attorney General is working with this conspiracy.

This is completely out of control criminality, and you can’t run a country like this.

The American people are comfortable, and they just cannot imagine that their lives, which they’ve known since birth, are about to go off the rails because they allowed for all of their institutions to be taken over by Jews and bizarrely driven psychopaths.

The same people who ran this entire Russian hoax – primarily the media, frankly, as much as the intelligence agencies – are running this coronavirus scam. They are collapsing the economy on purpose in order to destroy the middle class and turn the country into a poverty-riddled peasant hell run by an elite minority.

They have already completely stripped you of all of your Constitutional rights under the pretext of this mild flu virus.

The big surprise is coming soon, when the bottom falls out.

It might happen with this election, which they are openly and publicly planning to steal with 80 million blank ballots that they just mailed out to everyone.

If it doesn’t happen with the election, it’s going to happen after, unless Trump goes full-on and completely rips apart this entire intelligence establishment.

That is the singular option here. There are no other options.

Frankly, this country might simply be too decadent and corrupt – too GODLESS – to actually be saved.

You need to save yourself and those you care about.

Get out of the cities.


Go out of the city, and wait.

God has a plan.

We are not only going to do her like she did us – we are going to do her double.

This cup of hers is going to get filled – twice.

In one day, she will be utterly burned with fire.



With fire.

“Stand back and stand by.” –GOD