Trump Invites Viktor Orban to Washington

Daily Stormer
November 26, 2016


He’s a serious guy.

It’s interesting to see Trump meeting all the¬†strong, (civic) nationalist leaders as a priority. They’re probably discussing wall-building strategies and sharing techniques for dealing with the Jews.


The controversial leader of Hungary who erected a fence along his country’s border to keep migrants out says Donald Trump has invited him to visit Washington.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview published online by business daily Vilaggazdasag that Trump made it clear to him that “he thinks highly of Hungary.

Orban, who tried but failed to win a referendum to ban Hungary taking a EU quota of refugees in October, said in July that Trump’s migration policies were better for Europe and Hungary.

Of course they are. By setting the example, Trump’s policies will create a precedent for limiting third-world immigration, something which is currently unthinkable.

Also, remember that the referendum only failed because of the low turnout. Of those who voted, the overwhelming majority supported the measure.

The right-wing leader has strong anti-Islamic views. Last year, he had fences built on Hungary’s southern borders to stop the flow of migrants trying to reach Western Europe.


Yeah, and look how these infiltrators are getting past it. You need a wall. Or a minefield.

Orban said: “He invited me to Washington, I told him that I hadn’t been there for a long time as I had been treated as a ‘black sheep’, to which he replied, laughing: ‘Me too’.”

Orban earlier hailed Trump’s victory as “great news,” which would allow Western civilization to return to “true democracy and straight, honest talk,” freed from the “paralyzing constraint of political correctness.”

My hope is that Orban will work out a deal with Trump that will encourage him to pull out of the EU. The destruction of the EU is vital to the nationalist struggle. It doesn’t matter if the pull-out is done by soft civic nationalists; once it’s done, the real nationalists will be in a much better position to take power and enact real change.