Trump Invites Ben Garrison to a Special White House Meeting on Social Media Censorship! Kikes LIVID!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

Trump is finally holding a meeting on social media censorship.

And he has invited the greatest artist of our time.


Progressives and liberals took to Twitter to vent, after President Donald Trump invited right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison to an upcoming White House social media summit. Garrison has been accused of anti-Semitism.

The guest list for Trump’s social media summit, due to take place this Thursday, looks tailor-made to trigger and enrage his opponents. Trump cheerleader Bill Mitchell will be in attendance, as will pro-Trump memesmith ‘Carpe Donktum,’ and now self-described “renegade cartoonist” Ben Garrison.

The announcement of Garrison’s invitation set alarm bells ringing on the left, with the Montana-based illustrator described as “insanely hateful” and “blatantly anti-Semitic.”

The anti-Semitism kerfuffle stemmed from a 2017 cartoon that was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League for its supposed anti-Jewish imagery. The cartoon depicted then-U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and retired General David Petraeus being puppeteered by billionaire liberal financier George Soros, who was himself controlled by the sickly-green hand of the Rothschild banking family.

Garrison had previously been targeted by a loose coalition of 4chan trolls and ‘Daily Stormer’ neo-Nazis, who doctored his cartoons to include blatant anti-Jewish caricatures and dubbed the doodler “Zyklon Ben” and Ben “One Man Klan” Garrison. He denies any accusations of racism or anti-Semitism.

That is a mischaracterization of the facts.

The actual truth is that a group of libertarian trolls were editing Ben’s cartoons and kept hacking his website and putting up the fake versions. The only way Ben was able to get the real cartoons out was on 4chan, and all I was doing was posting the originals.

Then sometime in 2015, the libertarian trolls gave up with the edits. No one knows why, but they just stopped.

I sure hope Trump is planning to do something about social media censorship.

This has gotten so completely out of control, that it is criminal negligence that he hasn’t done anything yet.

As I understand it, he could do it unilaterally through the FCC, just like Obama did fake “net neutrality” unilaterally. He could even call the action “net neutrality,” because that name would apply to forcing these companies to allow freedom of speech.

Tucker has also claimed there is something he could do unilaterally.

One of Tucker’s only two questions to Trump when he interviewed him after the G20 was what he was planning to do about tech censorship. And he squirmed, but he said he was planning to do something.

If he fixes this issue, then nothing else really matters.

If we were allowed our First Amendment rights, MAGA would be a foregone conclusion. The left has no arguments, they have no way to say anything to us, and that is why we were silenced in the first place. They completely lack any ability to defend their own positions and policies.

If Trump can give us back our freedom of speech, I don’t care what else he does.