Trump: “I Know Nothing About Wikileaks”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2019

At least he’s not out there trying to spin what happened as a huge win for the MAGA agenda.


US President Donald Trump, who said he loved WikiLeaks during his election campaign, tried to distance himself from the arrest of Julian Assange, which was carried out by Britain on the request of the US.

Speaking to journalists in the Oval Office on Thursday, hours after the arrest of Assange in London, Trump said:

“I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing.”

Trump was far less reluctant to speak about the transparency site in 2016, when it played a major role in the US presidential election after it published a number of documents leaked from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Then-candidate Trump called the work of the site “amazing” and said he “loved” what it was being doing.


Those were the days.

I remember what he said as well.

We all do:

I really thought that Trump was going to blow the lid on the whole DNC/Seth Rich thing during the campaign.

But to even know about the Hillary Clinton ordering a hit on Seth Rich for leaking the DNC dirt to Assange as revenge for screwing over Bernie Sanders theory, Trump would have had to be capable of using the internet.

Few people his age use the internet as a source of research or information.

I don’t think Trump read much about the contents of the emails (so that rules out him being woke on #pizzagate) but Bannon or Miller probably did and they prodded the old man to say something about them from time to time, but that’s about the extent of Trump’s understanding of the situation, it seems.

Either way, despite professing his admiration for WikiLeaks during the campaign and getting a huge boost from the whole debacle, Trump decided to return the favor with a betrayal.

In general, Trump is not a loyal man. 

During the campaign, people were talking about what a great and loyal and down to earth guy he was. But his behavior doesn’t bear out this meme. He threw out Lewandowski. Christie. Bannon. Sessions. Then he threw his most hardcore supporters under the bus when he refused to defend them from getting beaten in the streets. Finally, he betrayed his voters with his talk of infinity migration and higher GDP.

Assange was just the cherry on top.

There is literally nothing to indicate that Trump will ever go to bat for anyone that ever went to bat for him.

Btw anyone denying Assange is /ourguy/ needs to take a good hard look at this photo.

Despite knowing that he’s about to be subjected to mandatory HRT treatment by ZOG, Assange still bravely flashed the 14 words and the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” fist bump of White Nationalism and Friendship while being hauled away.

Defiant to the last.