Trump Holds Awesome Rally in Omaha as the Walls Close in on Sleepy Joe

Your Favorite President swung through Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday night and it was a total blowout – thousands and thousands of people.

The media is claiming that Omaha and neighboring Iowa are “in play” – but they’re not going to be in play after this rally, I can tell you that.

Trump told the rally that Nebraska is “looking great.”

“In theory, I didn’t really have to be here,” the President told the people, “but it’s nice to be with friends.”

Trump addressed the virus hoax: “Normal life will fully resume,” he said.

He talked about the laptop from hell. He talked about Joe’s sleepiness. He talked about all the wars he ended, some of which were in countries we’ve never even heard of.

It was a magical event.

Speaking of magic: the fact that Trump was given a massive Black Lives Matter riot in Philadelphia is a magical blessing from God. That means he doesn’t even have to campaign in Pennsylvania.

What’s the number one Google search in the state right now?