Jews Go Into Red Alert at Trump’s Historic Speech Denouncing International Finance, Globalism and the Media

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2016

Trump’s speech in West Palm Beach, Florida today will go down as a major turning point in the history of Western rebirth–or its last gasp. In it, Trump affirmed what has become transparent this election: the mass media isn’t “biased” in the innocent sense, it’s the lying Jewish mouthpiece of international finance and plutocracy, seeking to protect agendas that make trillions of dollars for a small film of scum at the very top, at the expense of middle and working class Americans.

Trump encouraged the masses of people to unite and fight back against a corrupt and malicious system run by amoral bankers who meet and make policy with our politicians behind closed doors towards a world without borders or national sovereignty.

Trump noted that any time somebody represents the voice of the majority against globalization, ‘certain forces’ accuse these dissidents of “racism” and “sexism.” This is clearly a nod at the carefully interwoven web of media, finance, political correctnesswith the eternal Jew as the treading spider trapping its opposition within it.

Now that Trump is no longer handcuffed to corrupt cronies like Paul Ryan, he can finally fight on the field of battle the Jews are attacking him on. The Jews are mobilizing every single resource and position they have to stop Trump not because they find him inept, or think his behavior abhorrent, but because they hate what he represents: the White race. Additionally, even a growing minority within Black and non-White communities in America is realizing what the system is doing in their name doesn’t benefit them in the least. Trump’s challenge to world power is civic, but no less worthy of support, as was the case with Juan Peron, Charles De Gaulle, Andrew Jackson and other great Aryan men chosen to lead the charge against the forces of darkness.

If you told me two years ago that the next challenge to global Zionist plutocracy would come from within the United States itself, I would’ve laughed in your face, but the pendulum of world history does not swing within the confines of the “electoral map models” disease-spreading vermin like Nate Cohn and Nate Silver go to the media with to disqualify the possibility of Trump winning.

Most importantly, Trump stressed that world political power is made in the United States, and for this reason, the American people have been tasked to engage in the hour of decision on November 8th regarding the fate of Western civilization. This is our last chance, said Trump, to push back and save the world: America First or globalism. This message is powerful, and for the first time in the last century or so, people in America actually have a candidate running that represents their interests.

While Trump did not name Jewry directly, Jews themselves are losing their minds over social media–with good reason. They know they’re almost the sole force pushing through all these tyrannical and genocidal policies people hate, and Trump is shining the spotlight on them.