Trump Hires Lead Instigator of Bill Clinton Impeachment as Own Impeachment Defense Attorney

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

You gotta admit, this is a pretty hilarious move.


President Donald Trump is adding three seasoned lawyers to his impeachment legal defense team, the White House confirmed Friday night, including Kenneth Starr, the hard-charging prosecutor whose work led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

This guy was a complete obsessive and really the only reason that Bill Clinton was impeached.

That whole situation was completely retarded. Instead of investigating all of the rapes and murders linked to the Clintons, they investigated a blowjob.

And it didn’t even do anything to harm the reputation of these people, let alone get Clinton out of office.

Trump accurately labeled Starr a lunatic in 1999.

All the impeachment of Clinton did was create grounds for the impeachment of Trump.

Although it also proved that while it can stimulate your base, impeachment doesn’t hurt a president, it just makes them look like a victim. When people’s leaders are made to look like victims, people tend to double down.

Clinton’s wife almost became the first mommy president of America, so greatly did that family’s reputation hold up after his impeachment.

Trump knows all this, and I’m sure he still knows Kenneth Starr is a lunatic, but he’s bringing him on for the sake of absurdity, hilarity and general spectacle.

This is what the MAGApedes who are advocating war after electing a president who campaigned against war are getting sucked up in: the absolute showmanship of this orange man.

But of course, he also had to appoint Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and victim Alan Dershowitz.

Which is kind of just a really weird move, what with “The Dersh” being so fresh off playing a major role in the Epstein story.

If this was 15 or even 10 years ago, you could say he’s hiring him despite the scandal because he’s just that good. Jews are good lawyers. (That may be the only thing that they are legitimately skilled at, due to their historical obsession with the Talmud and figuring out various ways to trick their god.)

But the guy is 81 years old.

So the only reason Trump would hire him is to add the Jew lawyer who got OJ Simpson off as part of his “all-star team.”

I just hope so much that Nancy Pelosi hires Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom as some sort of “counsel for the prosecution.”

Of course, she won’t.

Nancy Pelosi has no sense of showmanship and the only thing she ever does that’s funny is have surreal senior moments.