“Trump Heights”: Netanyahu Opens Illegal Settlement Named After Traitor American President

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2019

If you went back to Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric and just replaced every time he said “America” with “Israel,” then all of his promises have come true.


Standing under an oversized sign for a village his temporary government has no authority to build, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu took his friendship with Donald Trump to a new level by inaugurating Trump Heights in the Golan.

“It is a historic day,” said Israel’s prime minister, standing next to US ambassador David Friedman.

Many years have passed since a new settlement was established in the Golan Heights. Today it is happening: We are making an important step toward the rise of Trump Heights. It will proudly carry the name of a very great friend of the State of Israel, and I am also very proud to say a great friend of mine.”

Netanyahu spoke of the name as a symbol of gratitude for the White House decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and Golan as a part of Israel, while Friedman spoke of the settlement as a “beautiful birthday present” to Trump, who turned 73 on Friday.

Trump later tweeted his gratitude.

Despite, a “festive cabinet meeting” to approve the construction of the settlement on the Syrian border, as the head of the interim government who failed to form a ruling coalition after April’s election, Netanyahu has no power to authorize construction. At the earliest, Trump Heights could begin to exist as more than a sign if and when his bloc wins the new election in September.

His chief opponents for the upcoming vote criticized the ceremony as a cheap pre-election stunt, exploiting Trump’s name (and perhaps taking attention away from his wife Sara’s court verdict on the same afternoon).

Yeah, who cares if his wife spent six million dollars on takeout sushi.

Bibi Netanyahu directly controls America through his wormlike slave Dilgongord Grimdorf.

This is a very tiny country that should be completely powerless. Yet it manages to exert direct control over the most powerful country in the world. And because of Trump, Bibi has taken that control to a whole new level.