Trump Has Utterly Failed to Defend Free Speech on the Internet

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2019

Donald Trump’s meeting with Twitter’s management last week was pointless and a waste of time. They’re not going to allow free speech on their site unless they’re forced to do so.

Last week, Donald Trump met with Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey in the White House. The outcome was disappointing but hardly surprising. Despite high hopes last year, it is now becoming increasingly doubtful that Trump is going to take any substantive action against these social media monopolies. All we are getting from him is talk as companies like Twitter do everything in their power to systematically destroy free speech on the Internet.

Before meeting with Dorsey, Trump posted a couple of tweets saying that Twitter was discriminating against Republicans and that they should be more fair.

Then after their meeting, he posted another tweet talking about how he was looking forward to having a continued open dialogue with Twitter’s management.

Dorsey responded to Trump by falsely stating that Twitter was there to serve the entire public conversation.

This statement from Dorsey is nothing but bullshit. Twitter and the other large social media sites have proven over and over again that they have zero interest in serving the entire public conversation. If this was their actual interest, how come nobody who writes for this website is allowed to have a Twitter handle? I was personally banned from Twitter after just three weeks because a British MP named Stella Creasy did not appreciate my views on the Jewish Holocaust hoax.

And what about people like Alex Jones? How did banning him serve the entire public conversation?

These actions by Twitter have made public discourse incredibly unhealthy and no reasonable person would suggest that things have become more civil because of it. The only healthy dialogue is one in which all perspectives are allowed to be heard and Twitter is 100 percent against this.

The Daily Stormer gets millions of unique visitors every month, which means we are a big part of the public conversation regardless of if they like it or not. The fact that they have chosen to blacklist us does not change this fact. Dorsey is straight up lying when he claims that the company he runs is dedicated to serving the entire public conversation. They do the opposite of this – they prune and regulate the public conversation, keeping it within the bounds laid out by the globalist elite.

Trump’s words in the aftermath of his meeting with Dorsey reveals a man who is only interested in giving lip service to the problem. He also met with Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai last month with similar results. The only difference was Trump posting a bizarre tweet stating that Pichai was not an agent of the Chinese government.

The thing is, we are long past the point of having a dialogue with these tech monopolies. The government should have stepped in and regulated them a long time ago. The fact that Trump has taken no action on this issue shows that he doesn’t give a damn about the First Amendment rights of the American people. It’s absolutely insane that a few monopolistic tech companies now have the power to determine who can and can’t have access to the 21st century version of the public square. It’s even worse when you consider that some of Trump’s most prominent supporters have been silenced by these companies and he has done nothing for them.

Perhaps just as bad is Trump’s reaction to Julian Assange’s recent arrest in London.

Assange has been persecuted by the ZOG deep state for conducting actual journalism. All he has ever done is publish documents provided to him from people working inside of governments. But instead of defending Assange’s right to conduct journalism, Trump has shown an indifference to his plight. It’s quite ridiculous, especially considering he was singing a much different tune about Assange and WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. This after they published large batches of emails from John Podesta and other Democrats.

Ironically, the mainstream Jew-run media attacks Trump for being against journalism, but only because he calls them “fake news” and liars. This is not a substantive criticism as calling a group of people liars who continuously lie is protected free speech (even if they weren’t liars, disagreeing with them is protected speech). They actually seem to be in total agreement with Trump about the current state of social media censorship and Assange’s arrest. If they weren’t on the same page, Trump would have already taken substantive action against these big tech companies. He would have also been looking into granting Assange a pardon. But he has done neither of these things. Instead, he just talks about how things should happen or shows a general indifference to the situation.

What’s really crazy about this is that Trump’s own 2020 presidential campaign manager is Brad Pascale, a tech savvy guy who understands social media. It’s safe to assume that he’s had conversations with Trump about all these problems. Even Trump’s own son Don Jr. has had issues with Facebook messing around with his account ,which he talked about during a Tucker Carlson interview. Yet despite all of this, there’s been zero action from Trump.

It’s utterly disgraceful. At this point, even if Twitter went ahead and banned Trump himself, he probably wouldn’t do anything about it. And that’s why this image of the orange potato man Trump has become symbolic of his entire presidency.