Trump has the Ability to Shut Down WTO Court

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

Trump needs to just shut down the WTO completely.

This is an evil globalist organization which only exists for the purpose of transferring wealth from the United States to brown shitholes and pothead Canadian dirtbags.


The United States is likely to succeed in shutting down the World Trade Organization’s supreme court because other WTO members are powerless to stop it, diplomats, lawyers and officials said at a conference in Geneva on Friday.

The United States has blocked appointments of judges to the Appellate Body, throwing the WTO into crisis as it runs out of legal muscle to rule on international trade disputes.

The European Union has made proposals to reform the way the judges work, but U.S. Ambassador Dennis Shea poured cold water on several of them on Thursday, saying appeals judges had “strayed” from what was agreed when the WTO was set up in 1995.

One diplomat from a large developing country said on Friday the United States regretted setting up the appeals system and it was not putting forward any ideas to reform it.

“We have no leverage,” he said. “The other side is flexing its muscles.”

“We have no leverage” is a phrase that all of these people need to get used to saying.

You have no leverage in anything.

The only people on this planet with any leverage against Trump are Jews living in America. If Trump is able to successfully depose these pests, then he can rule the world however he sees fit to rule it, and there ain’t nothin’ nobody can do about it.

If we continue on the current path, it won’t simply be the WTO that is shut down – but NATO, the UN, the World Bank and IMF, all of it.

And other globalist institutions like the EU will simply collapse.

We are looking forward to a very bright future here, people.

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