Trump Has Not Built a Single Mile of Border Fence! He Just Repaired Already Existing Sections!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2019

Trump needs to step up his Twitter game if he wants to make up for this.

Washington Examiner:

The Trump administration has not installed a single mile of new wall in a previously fenceless part of the U.S.-Mexico border in the 30 months since President Trump assumed office, despite his campaign promise to construct a “big beautiful wall.”

In a statement last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the federal agency overseeing border barrier construction, confirmed that all the fencing completed since Trump took office is “in place of dilapidated designs” because the existing fence was in need of replacement.

The agency said that it had built 51 miles of steel bollard fence with funding that was set aside during fiscal 2017 and 2018. But while the funding was meant both to replace outdated walls and to place barriers where there previously had been none, the government has only completed the replacement projects. The projects to secure areas with no fence are still in the works.

The 50 miles of completed replacement barrier is a 10-mile gain since early April. In Trump’s two and a half years in office, his administration has installed an average 1.7 miles of barrier per month, and none of it in areas that did not previously have some sort of barrier. A total 205 miles of new and replacement barrier has been funded in the two and a half years since Trump took office.

There is no excuse for this.

Democracy is a scam.

The candidate that promised a border wall won — that should logically be enough to bypass any kind of legal and political obstacle and just build the wall. But it’s not, because democracy is not really about the people deciding but about Jews making people believe their choices do matter.

At the end of the day, democracy is just as useless and inconsequential as the choices in Mass Effect 3.

Despite the lack of new barriers, Trump has applauded his administration for building more border wall. His 2020 campaign has made the border wall its primary messaging.

Trump’s 2020 campaign debuted the slogan “Finish the Wall at his first rally of 2019 in El Paso, Texas. At one point during his speech, the crowd began cheering “build that wall.” Trump responded, “Now, you really mean ‘finish that wall,’ because we’ve built a lot of it,” though he did not share numbers with the thousands of people in attendance.

Approximately 400 miles is steel fencing comparable to the planned new wall, only shorter. The other 300 miles of barrier is Normandy style, or a handful of steel beams fastened together to prevent vehicular traffic from getting by. However, the four-foot-tall fence does not prevent people from crossing.





Ah, well.

It’s clear there won’t be any policies.

We can at least hope that there will be more racist tweets and people chanting to deport the blacks at his rallies.