Trump has Highest Approval Ratings Ever

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

The question is: is this actually real tho?

ABC News:

Bolstered by a strong economy, Donald Trump reached the highest job approval rating of his career in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll and runs competitively for re-election against four of five possible Democratic contenders. Yet he remains broadly unpopular across personal and professional measures, marking his vulnerabilities in the 2020 election.

Forty-four percent of Americans approve of Trump’s overall job performance, up a slight 5 percentage points from April and 2 points better than his peak early in his presidency. Still, 53% disapprove, keeping him at majority disapproval continuously for his first two and a half years in office, a record for any president in modern polling.

Whether this approval rating is real or not, there appears to be no chance he is going to lose in 2020.

I thought a few months ago he would, but the Democrats have just gone too completely insane.

Joe Biden is senile and saying all of this racist stuff and then backtracking and then re-backtracking again. And Biden was supposed to be the Hail Mary play. Instead, Biden is going totally Jeb Bush – the money candidate who was destined to win the nomination who just completely fell apart.

So now, the likely winner is Kamala.

  • Of course, this can all change completely and totally, but that’s the direction they want it to go in.
  • Beto is underwater, hated by absolutely everyone – everyone feels he’s being forced down their throats, and he is really just a creepy, gross person.
  • Yang fucked up at the debate.
  • Tulsi is being buried by the media for being against wars, and it’s impossible to get grassroots energy behind her because she’s a woman.
  • Bernie has abandoned his 2016 populist platform and is just talking stupid shit about blacks and queers.
  • The gay guy is a faggot.
  • Warren is unhinged and an angry mommy.
  • Who’s left?

I like Marianne Williamson, and totally support harnessing the power of love, but I’m thinking that probably isn’t going to happen.

So basically – I don’t make predictions, I’m just saying how things look now – Trump is going to win.

And there are certainly worse outcomes.

Trump isn’t going to do anything, but not doing anything is a lot better of an option than the stuff these lunatics want to do.

At least the orange man isn’t going to lock us all up for our political beliefs.

He will probably start a war with Iran though.

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