Trump Goes Hard on Hajis on Twitter – But Not Hard Enough

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017

Why call it a travel ban?

Why not call it a “Moslem ban”?

Why not ban all Sunni Moslems, completely?

What is the point of having these people here?

No one has explained that or even tried to explain that. It’s absurd, having Moslems in a White country. It literally makes no logical sense.

It isn’t like “oh well, they’re a brilliant race of scientific geniuses who are greatly helping the development of our space exploration and robotics program, they are so beneficial to us that we just have to deal with the fact that sometimes they randomly kill people – it makes sense in a cost-benefit analysis.”

They are not doing anything to help the country. They are genetic waste. The only thing they do is buy up convenient stores, gas stations and hotels, mostly in black neighborhoods, and run them because White people don’t want to deal with them. That isn’t a beneficial offering to our country.

There is zero excuse for having these people here at all in the first place, and the risk they bring – this random murder business – makes the concept completely insane.

This “we just have to get used to getting murdered all the time, because otherwise it would be mean” is absolute fucking madness.

That is the conversation we should be having, it is the conversation that Trump has the bully pulpit to at least get into people’s normal discussion, as he did during the campaign.

As far as the courts – they should be shut down. What they are doing is illegal.

Democracy is a failed system, by any and every objective measure. There is no single measure upon which democracy could be judged as objectively successful, in a positive sense.

We need rid of it.


We tried it, it failed, let’s move on with our lives and our civilization.

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