Trump Goes All in on “Chinese Virus” to Trigger the Libs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2020


Donald Trump now is just trying to bait the media into “racism” hoaxes by calling this a Chinese virus. It is insane that this is considered racist.

I like the tweets.

But it falls so flat, because he MADE THE DECISION to not ban incoming flights from China and to allow the virus to spread through America, apparently because he was afraid of being called a racist.

So this is sort of like inviting a black man into your house to have sex with your wife and then calling him a nigger afterward.

It’s just silly and dumb.

But you know, whatever. I appreciate that he’s mocking the clearly insane idea that to say that the virus came from China is “racist.”

Political correctness has just gotten so nuts. It’s getting to the point where you just won’t be able to describe events, because it will be politically incorrect to use any words.

“A person from a place did a thing with another thing,” will be the only allowed sentence.

Honestly though, this stuff bores me at this point.

Let me just close with a quick Coronavirus tip from a friend of mine.

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