Trump Gives Speech to the Jews, Doesn’t Mention Bibi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2019

Maybe this means Bibi is going down?

You’d think if Trump knows anything, he knows what’s going on with Israeli Jews.

USA Today:

President Donald Trump gave a speech Saturday thanking many people for positive Israeli-American relations, but did not mention one prominent supporter: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nor did Trump discuss whether he would grant Netanyahu’s major request to back an Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley, a strip of land that includes nearly a third of the West Bank.

Instead, Trump proclaimed that the U.S.-Israeli “partnership” has never been better, citing actions that ranged from moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem to pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement.

“The Jewish state has never had a better friend in the White House than your president, Donald J. Trump,” he said at a conference sponsored by the Israeli-American Council, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit group that works to strengthen the bond between the United States and Israel.

Political leaders in the United States and Israel had planned to watch the speech closely for any major change in U.S.-Israeli policy and signs that his bromance with Netanyahu is ebbing.

Trump has showered Netanyahu with political gifts during his three years in office, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the U.S. embassy there, acknowledging Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights and reversing decades of American policy by proclaiming that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are not a violation of international law.

Netanyahu, in political and legal peril in his own country, now asks for another favor: He wants the Trump administration to back an Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley, a strip of land that includes nearly a third of the West Bank.

Trump made no reference to it during his hourlong speech in South Florida.

Or maybe Trump is just fed up?

The demand to annex even more land has to seem like a little bit much at this point. Especially since Trump gets absolutely nothing out of this other than the hatred of his own supporters.

We have all the leaks showing that he thought if he backed Israel, the American Jews would back off a little bit. But American Jews are impeaching him. As he basically said straightforwardly when he accused Jews of disloyalty to Israel for not supporting him, American Jews have refused to do anything for him at all, and Israel is a foreign country.

The boomers who used to love Israel so much are mostly disillusioned after the endless wars. And young people simply do not care about Israel, as we saw with the Turning Point USA fiasco. To someone who isn’t in a satanic Jew-worshiping religious cult (evangelical Christianity, or most of it), the loyalty of politicians to this foreign country comes off as bizarre at best and treasonous at worst.

Trump has literally nothing at all to gain from doing this Israel-sucking, other than donor money, which he doesn’t really need.

He can continue to do these cringe speeches for the Jews and talk about how great Israel is and so on, whatever, but he really should stop with the insane stuff.

But I don’t think he will.

He probably just knows Bibi is burned, so he’s backing off of him as an individual.