Trump Gives Speech, Declares Ultimate Victory Over the Forces of Darkness

President Trump gave a speech on Thursday, declaring total victory over the forces of darkness and evil which have tried to overthrow this country.

Trump went through all of the issues we’ve been discussing here with regards to the massive and unprecedented fraud taking place right now in this country.

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The speech was so true and accurate that MSNBC and CNBC cut the feed – they literally cut the damn feed, saying that the people could not be allowed to hear it. Is that something you do with lies? If it’s lies then just laugh at him, okay?

But it’s not lies: it’s the absolute TRUTH.

This is the biggest crime in history.

The Leader Trump seemed tired, but he seemed very confident. He seems ready to fight. He says he’s taking it to the Supreme Court. I think he should not accept the result from the court if it is bad. This was a planned hoax from the beginning. This mail-in thing is absolutely insane. There is no reality in which this was not planned from the beginning.

If we allow them to do this, the democratic process is over. We are officially living under absolute tyranny.

Strategies are going to have to change.

Stand by.