Trump Gives Anti-Semitic Press Conference Says Middle East Wars “For No Reason”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2019

Press conference starts at 32:50.

At a press conference today, Donald Trump said that the wars in the Middle East were a mistake and that he doesn’t have a responsibility to found a new democracy for the Kurds.

“The worst mistake the United States has ever made is going into the Middle East… it’s a quagmire,” said this orange individual.

This virulent statement is a direct attack on the identity of the Jews people – God’s precious chosen ones.

We all know that these wars in the Middle East were to protect Israel.

It is hatred of the worst sort, inspired by a dark evil.

For the orange man to say such hate-filled things in the aftermath of the tragedy in Germany – it’s unthinkable.

In other news, Joe Biden is calling for this hate-filled orange individual to be impeached over his conspiracy to investigate the brutal corruption of Joe Biden and his son.

It’s about time that a man of noble honor stood up to the villain Trump, and Joe Biden is just the honorable man we’ve been searching for.

Biden is just the man that the Kurds need to elect to form a new country for them inside of the borders of Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

This is why I believe Joe Biden will win the 2020 elections of Kurdistan.