Trump Getting Attacked with His Own 2016 Talking Points After Going Full-Retard Neocon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2019

“ISIS didn’t exist before we started these wars” is a Trump 2016 election talking point.

Fox News:

A guest on MSNBC made a wild claim Monday night that President Trump is a “recruiting sergeant for ISIS” and compared him to a “Bond villain” following the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Intercept columnist Mehdi Hasan said “good riddance” to al-Baghdadi and added that his death was a “blow to ISIS.”

However, the Al Jazeera host then quickly suggested that Trump was helping ISIS maintain its existence by trying to ensure the U.S. military helped secure Syrian oil fields, while other troops left northern Syria.

“It’s beyond parody. He’s almost like a Bond villain who also tells you his whole master plan before he tries to kill you… He’s a recruiting sergeant for ISIS, Chris, in so many ways,” Hasan told “All In” host Chris Hayes, pointing to Trump’s rhetoric on oil fields. “He is also someone who is an Islamophobe, which obviously helps groups like ISIS recruit disillusioned, angry young men from across the world, not just across the Middle East. He’s been featured in ISIS recruiting videos and his Muslim ban has definitely been a recruiting ad for ISIS.”

Hayes did not push back on any of those claims.

What is there to push back on?

You can push back on the idea that ISIS isn’t a real organization, pointing out that it is a function of Western intelligence groups. But beyond that – which no talk show host is going to do – obviously keeping troops in the Middle East leads to hostility towards America, and doing so under the guise of “oh we’re going to keep their oil” is even dumber than doing it under the guise of “we’re bringing them freedom.”

We all knew that Trump was going to have to back out of a full withdrawal of troops from Syria, just like he backed out of a full withdrawal of Jewish cock from his mouth.

And apparently, “we’re going to leave troops there so that multinational corporations can steal their oil” tested well in some sort of focus group. Or maybe Trump just thought that up himself – who knows.

For the record, “we” are not keeping the oil.

This is not “The US Federal Oil Company” that he is talking about.

It’s private corporations, which are not even American in any other sense than that they have offices in America.

If this was something where Trump was saying “okay well, we’re going to take the oil and sell it and then send every American a check from the money we make on it,” it would at least be a proposal worth considering.

As it stands, this is just dumb.

But everything is so dumb and boring.

There is only one thing that is even interesting at all at this point.