Trump Finally Stands Up for Freedom of Speech on the Internet!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

Donald Trump didn’t make a tweet when I was censored for supporting him.

He didn’t make a tweet when Alex Jones was censored for supporting him.

But he’s finally decided to go to bat against censorship… now that a gay black guy was censored for supporting him.

We’re reaching levels of all so tiresome that shouldn’t even be possible.

Of course they are censoring black Trump supporters now, because when they were censoring everyone else, no one did anything. So now they’re just going to censor everyone.

No one understood the concept of “freedom of speech,” which is that you have to protect the speech that is supposed to be the most offensive, because there is literally no possible way to determine how offensive a specific item of speech is.

So first it’s “well, okay, that guy is making jokes about the Holocaust, that’s too far.” Then it’s “yeah, okay, well, Alex Jones denied Sandy Hook, and that really hurt someone’s feelings, so nobody can support that.”

Then all of a sudden, you’re shocked when gay black guys are getting censored.

At the same time that Trump is willing to call out Facebook for censoring Terrence Williams, he is publicly defending the right of every major tech company to be a totally unregulated monopoly. So the support for freedom of speech rings hollow.

The plan was obviously to start with the Daily Stormer, and slowly move the goalposts to the point where every single person who supports Donald Trump, other than a few gatekeepers like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro, is banned before the 2020 election.

Anyone can see this.

The big point is: there is no solution here. There is no way that me and Alex are banned and the gay black Trump supporter isn’t banned. You can’t have a “let’s just be reasonable!” censorship regime. The people in control of the censorship mechanism will always end up censoring everyone they don’t like.

You would have to pass a law or give an FCC ruling that stated that no legal political speech could be banned from the major platforms. That would be the only solution. And clearly, that isn’t ever going to happen.

Far right people have the hope that the Chinese will invent platforms that will allow us on them.

Though that wouldn’t be any help to MAGApedes, who promote insane anti-Chinese conspiracy theories in order to avoid talking about the Jews, and thus would get banned by the Chinese as well.

So basically, these people who refused to stand with me and Alex are going to get what they deserve. Trump of course won’t get what he deserves for allowing this to happen, and will still be elected in 2020 because the Democrats are running such horrible candidates. But all Republicans who come after him will fail, because none of their supporters will be allowed on the internet.

It would have been so easy to stop this. But as we see with his persecution of Julian Assange, Donald Trump simply does not care about his own supporters, at all. Internet censorship is the least of it – he would let any one of us be tortured to death in prison.

I wish that Trump supporters would get angry about something he is doing to them. But they won’t. Because they are driven by hatred for leftists to the point where they cannot ever question the leftist agenda of the president.

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