Trump Finally Says “Ashli Babbitt”

At Donald Trump’s Saturday rally, he finally said the name “Ashli Babbitt.” He held it in Florida after being banned from Alabama.

We’ve been asking him to say “Ashli Babbitt” for six months.

He also asked about the Capitol Stormers (who he’d previously insulted and condemned) being kept in a special political prison in DC and being tortured.

The only way he would have not said it is if someone was telling him not to say it. So, apparently, he’s now saying things that people are telling him not to say.

That’s good.

Maybe he really did break up with Jared? That’s being reported.

Kushner and his shiksa whore are also reportedly distancing themselves from him.

Right Side Broadcasting was broadcasting the event on YouTube and the stream was cut.

Basically, Donald Trump is Andrew Anglin level banned.

Frankly, he deserves this for doing nothing to stop Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones from getting Andrew Anglin level banned. But it is still amazing to see.

Trump also talked about “who’s controlling Joe Biden?”

Maybe he’s ready to say “the Jews”?

The absolute lunatic and presumed pedophile (what other explanation exists?) Keith Olbermann blamed Trump for Ashli’s death.

That filthy neocon Jew that the conservatives worshiped as their hero and champion for over a decade, Bill Kristol, said the same thing.

Many other people said she deserved to be executed by the cops because she was trying to destroy democracy.

Here’s the full rally on

Aside from Bitchute, there is

Apparently, he now has a Rumble channel. I don’t know, I don’t go on that site.

But if those three sites are banned, nowhere will be able to host Donald Trump videos.

If it goes full Andrew Anglin, tech companies can steal these .coms and it is legal to do that because they are private companies, and America is an anarcho capitalist country where private companies have full rights to do anything to anyone.

Honestly, I think Trump should retire. But he’s refusing to do that, so I do wish he would do useful things.