Trump Files Formal Complaint Against Facebook for “Discrimination”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018

Turns out that Jews are the real Nazis.

The Trump administration is turning up the pressure on social media giant Facebook. Though they’re using such a ridiculous excuse that this attack is coming off more as a troll than anything else.

It turns out that Facebook is discriminating against niggers, lol.

Washington Times:

The Trump administration announced a fair housing discrimination complaint against social media giant Facebook on Friday, saying the way the company targets ads can be used to screen out people based on race, sex or other protected categories.

Basically, Facebook uses its algorithms to determine if their users are conservative White people, poor hood rats, affluent shitlibs, and so on, and then present the option to advertisers to target which demographic they’re interested in.

This is actually pretty reasonable.

There’s no point in showing Mercedes ads to Black people living in government housing. Or showing Christian ads to Moslem terrorists.

“Mommy, let’s get a MacBook Pro like on TV!”

The complaint goes to the heart of Facebook’s business model, which depends on being able to offer advertisers micro-targeting.

That’s the thing here.

If Facebook can no longer show targeted ads, then they basically have no way of making money. They have billions of users. No company is going to be interested in showing ads to random people, only a tiny fraction of which will be remotely likely to be interested.

So this complaint is sending the message “we can destroy you.”

“Facebook mines extensive user data and classifies its users based on protected characteristics. Facebook’s ad targeting tools then invite advertisers to express unlawful preferences by suggesting discriminatory options,” the Housing and Urban Development Department said in the complaint.

All advertising is discriminatory, of course. When companies want to put up an ad on “The Daily Show” or whatever, they have the demographic data that lets them know what kind of audience will see it.

It’s just done in a more subtle, “wink wink, nudge nudge” sort of way.

The Daily Show, for example, is described as catering to the “enjoys annoying Brit whining about Trump” demographic.

Facebook is just “in-your-face” with it, just telling their corporate clients “hey, do you want to market your basketball shoes to niggers? We can totes do that bro.”

Among those options are physical disabilities, parents with children and even religious practices — advertisers are allowed to show their ads only to people Facebook deems interested in “Jesus” or the “Christian Church,” for example.

Those practices could violate the Civil Rights Act, HUD said in the complaint, dated August 13.

The government had begun an investigation in 2016 after learning that Facebook allowed people running ads to narrow down those who can see their advertising based on protected categories.

Facebook didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but has previously said its policies tell advertisers not to discriminate.

“Yeah guys, we’re giving you all these categories that allow you to figure out who the niggers are, but please don’t.”

Obviously, if you can choose “single parent who listens to rap,” you know what you’re getting.

There is a problem though, when this system starts being used for politics. It allows candidates to send different messages to different demographics, in a way that makes it very hard to track for the general public. So for example, you could have Nazis running on the Democratic ticket, and sending pro-Black ads to Facebook users who “liked” Beyoncé’s page, while showing Trumpist ads to conservative Christians.

Actually, that would be pretty lulzy.

But you get the problem.

In any case, my feeling is that this complaint isn’t so much an effort to change how Facebook operates, but rather a part of a negotiation strategy.

Trump is going to need to implement new rules for social media in order to stop the censorship of conservatives and nationalists. And ideally, it’d be great if these companies went along with it without too much resistance.

So if he can place them in a very difficult situation with a bunch of complaints like this, which would potential ruin their businesses, he can just tell them “yo, I’ll drop all of these charges if you just go along with my free speech rules.”

Because as it stands, Facebook is in a rough spot.

The Zuck is going to be gasping for air, desperate for a way out of this crap.

And Trump is going to be there, offering him a great deal.

This is the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal.”