Trump-Fearing Mudshark Wants Google Family Moved to Australia

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2016

The mudshark and her buck are in a whole world of sheeeeeeit

The mudshark and her buck are in a whole world of sheeeeeeit

An Australian mudshark who traveled to America in search of monkey semen wants to bring her Google husband to Australia because she fears for his safety with the election of the God Emperor.

This traitorous trollop, whose body has been turned into a factory for the production of half-caste dindus, says “he’s tired of being black in America.”

Daily Mail:

An Australian woman living in America said she feels so unsafe after president-elect Donald Trump’s win she and her African American husband are moving their family to Sydney as soon as possible.

Karen Burton, who lives in the southern state of Georgia with her husband and three children, told Nine News said Mr Trump’s victory pushed her over the edge and that she worries for her children and husband’s well-being. 

‘My husband is born and bred American but he’s tired of being black in America,’ she said.

The fact that Emperor Donald (all hail) was elected on a backlash against Whites who were tired of being persecuted by Soros-funded African savages would never enter this treacherous whore’s head. The truth is that it is America which is tired of blacks.

However, as a race-mixing bitch to a black alpha-male, she has been conditioned with Stockholm Syndrome to obeying the Google point of view. No doubt he regularly beats her if the chicken isn’t fried right or the watermelon isn’t ripe. Probably, he pimps her out to his homies, too.

Ms Burton said electing Mr Trump into the presidency will open the way for racists to say and do what they want.
‘He’s been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan for God’s sake,’ she said.

‘It’s kind of like Trump’s led the way for political incorrectness. He’s just said “I’m allowed to say this and act this way”. There’s a mentality that, well if the president elect can say and do it, then I can too.’ 

Mr Burton said she realised Mr Trump’s victory was likely a couple of weeks ago when she saw support signs in the front yards of million dollar homes, bringing to a halt her belief than only the uneducated would vote for the businessman.

Yes, it is true, the chimpouts are over and black entitlement has come to an end. Obama’s “sons” and his “daughters” would do well to start taking an active interest in their African homeland.

The mother-of-three is not the only Australian living in America who is considering moving after Wednesday’s results.

Fellow Sydneysider Camilla Hayman, who is studying and living in New York, said she was planning on staying in America after she graduated in five weeks, but may change her mind.

‘I’ll have to reconsider my options – I was planning on living and working in the states for another few years but next year will be really important to gauge how the country deals with the change.’

Ms Hayman said she was participating in a protest of Mr Trump’s election win through New York City from Union Square to Trump Tower and hopes such event helps people find comfort and mourn Hillary Clinton’s loss together.

Hillary should not even be concerned about losing the election. Given that the evil witch is held together by meds and regular blood transfusions, she should be more interested in atoning for her sins before answering to the almighty.

In all probability, she was never alive in the first place, and those comparisons to Weekend At Bernie’s were right on the nail.

Time to wake up, bitches. Your mudshark days are over

Wake up, bitches. Your mudshark days are over