Trump Fails to Secure the Border Despite Having Access to a $700 Billion a Year Military

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2019

The United States is being colonized by low IQ third world hordes from Central America and there is little to nothing being done to stop it. The country is doomed if this continues.

The level of failure that we are currently witnessing on the United States southern border is difficult to comprehend. The country is being flooded with illegal alien invaders from Central America and the Border Patrol is just catching and releasing them into our country. They say that they lack the facilities to detain them so they are just going ahead and releasing them on to our streets.

Over 100,000 of these invaders were released during the past three months. At this rate, it is almost a waste of time to detain them. It’s basically no different than having open borders.

And what’s being done to solve this? Practically nothing.

Redeploying 750 agents while demanding Congress and Mexico do something is not going to get the job done. In fact, it’s almost a sick joke to see tweets like this. The executive branch has tremendous powers – particularly in the area of national emergencies – that can be invoked to deal with this. Plus, using the magic words “national security” has historically allowed the executive to justify a wide variety of actions. What we are seeing with these tweets are just excuses for what is undeniably a major border security failure.

The United States military now has an annual budget of over $700 billion a year. We spend far more money on our military than any other country in the world. But what good is this expensive military if it is not deployed to effectively deal with situations like this?

It’s clear that there’s been zero leadership on the border issue. If the Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security saw that they were running out of space to detain these invaders, why wasn’t there a request put into the Department of Defense to bring in assets to assist? They could have easily transformed a few sports stadiums into emergency detainment centers. And that’s just one of many creative solutions that could have been implemented. It could have all been arranged with a few phone calls.

Of course, this was just the bare minimum that could have been done. Ideally, much tougher action could have and should have been taken. But the fact that the bare minimum wasn’t even done is completely insane.

Meanwhile, there are news reports describing how the United States is preparing to launch a military invasion of Venezuela. We can’t even defend our own borders, yet we are on the cusp of embarking on another foolish military misadventure. Talk about having some fucked up priorities.

This type of madness was one of the contributing factors that led to the fall of the Roman Empire. America will suffer the same fate if this continues.