Trump Extends Travel Ban to UK and Ireland

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2020

This isn’t going to work, lad…

Fox News:

The Trump administration will extend its European travel ban to include the U.K. and Ireland as part of continuing efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump said Saturday, before saying he was also looking at the possibility of domestic travel restrictions as well.

“We are looking at it very seriously, yeah, because they’ve had a little bit of activity unfortunately,” he said when asked in the White House briefing room about reports that the European travel ban would be extended. “So we’re going to be looking at that — we actually already have looked at it and that is going to be announced.”

Asked if he was considering any domestic travel restrictions, Trump said: “Yes, specifically from certain areas, yes we are.”

“We’re working with the states and we’re considering other restrictions, yes,” he said.

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed later in the briefing that the travel from U.K. and Ireland would be suspended as of midnight Monday night EDT. He said it was after the unanimous recommendation from health experts at the White House.

The UK is literally telling people to get the virus on purpose.

She must be saying that with the permission of the government, or else she’d be arrested. Surely, you can’t go out there and purposefully try to spread a virus.

Boris has been promoting the “herd immunity” theory, so I guess his plan is for everyone to just get it.

The rest of the world shouldn’t be required to be involved in this bizarre experiment.

So yeah, extending this ban was a smart move.

But Trump is just trying to look like he’s doing something.

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