Trump Escorted Off Stage, Returns to Tell Reporters There was a Shooting Outside – “Do I Seem Rattled?”

It’s normal now.


Fox News:

President Trump on Monday was abruptly escorted away from the White House briefing room just a few minutes after taking the podium for a press briefing, but quickly returned to tell reporters, “There was a shooting outside of the White House.”

Describing what he knew about the situation, the president said it “seems” an armed person was shot by Secret Service and had been taken to the hospital. Trump said no one else was injured.

“It seems that the shooting was done by law enforcement,” he said.

Several minutes after initially taking the podium, someone – who appeared to be a Secret Service agent – told the president something before Trump stopped and walked out of the room.

“Excuse me?” the president said to the agent before exiting.

After returning to the podium, Trump said a shooting took place outside the premises of the White House near the fence. He said more information would be released later.

The president said he was not taken to the White House bunker, but was rather ushered to the Oval Office.

When a reporter asked the president, “Are you rattled by this at all, Mr. President?” Trump replied, “Do I seem rattled?”

The president then moved on to discussing other issues, including the stock market and the coronavirus crisis.

“Do I seem rattled?” is the quote of the week.

The journalists wanted him rattled, because the journalists are on the same side as the mob creating all of this insanity. The Jewish side. The side against human civilization.

He definitely was not rattled.

Being a badass is all good and well, but he really probably should be rattled.

This violence is now encroaching right up on him, and no one is doing anything to protect him and he can’t even order himself protected.

If he fired Attorney General William Barr today he could get someone in there who would press charges against these people and get this rioting cleaned up in a matter of days.

Barr going on TV shows and talking about this is not a valid disguise for the fact that he isn’t doing anything.

He is playing like a politician – acting as if talking is an action in itself. Talking is not an action. Actions are actions. He has the ability to shut all of this down and he is refusing to do it.

It doesn’t really matter why. All of this is on him.

The president needs to start thinking about his own safety and get rid of this guy.