Trump Drops Trade Tariff Bomb on the Earth

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2018

Well, this is something we actually did vote for.

Fuck every other country on earth.

Tariff all of these people.

Of course, cucks gonna cuck.

The GOP in the 80s tied “free trade” voodoo economics to Christian values and the white race – it’s a knot we’re untying.

And it won’t be pleasant for the cucks…


Republicans on Capitol Hill were fuming after the White House abruptly announced it would begin imposing steel and aluminum tariffs Friday on US allies Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

The move Thursday came after Republicans had tried to convince the administration for months to target China with tariffs rather than US trading partners, and it could trigger Republicans on Capitol Hill to consider taking action against their own President on trade.

“I disagree with this decision,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican who had quietly tried to convince Trump to hold back on the action, said in a statement. “There are better ways to help American workers and consumers. I intend to keep working with the president on those better options.”

See, this is why we need a military coup.

We have to get this guy silenced.

Do you know this faggot listens to Rage Against the Machine?

That’s his fav band?

That is a band that would have been illegal under Joseph McCathey.

Literal wetback communist rock-rap.

The clear — and public — break between the President and top congressional Republicans had been simmering for months, with weeks of behind-the-scenes efforts to walk back, or just water down, what Trump and his team pledged to put in place. But Thursday’s move underscored the depth of the divide between the two sides of Pennsylvania Avenue, even as a legislative counter to the action was far from a sure thing, aides said.

For Republican lawmakers, the administration’s decision came as a surprise, according to several senior GOP aides. Republicans didn’t get wind that it might be coming until Wednesday evening, and the White House briefing for congressional staff didn’t take place until after the announcement.

One Republican senator, who asked not to be identified, complained Thursday about President Donald Trump’s decision to impose the tariffs, 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum imports.

“I don’t like trade wars. There are no winners in trade wars. And this scares me,” the senator said.

For his part, Trump has largely maintained his own posture on tariffs — one he highlighted with a single two-word tweet on Thursday: “FAIR TRADE!” — on the grounds that he was pursuing “reciprocal trade,” even amid warring factions over the efficacy of the strategy inside the White House.

The exemptions for allies that had been initially proposed were considered a potential piece of the ongoing negotiations with Canada and Mexico over a revised North American Free Trade Agreement, negotiations that have continued in fits and starts for months. But with a resolution far from clear, and despite the Capitol Hill pushback, the tariffs were set to go into effect at midnight.

Globalism failed, okay?

Worked out great for third worlders, worked out very, very badly for the US.

It was just a massive wealth transfer program for poor people in shitholes.

And no one really cares about third worlders.

We need to stop everything coming into this country.

Seal the borders to people and goods, lock it down like a prison. Or rather make the rest of the world a prison.

Fortress America.