Trump Doubles H-2B Visa Program, Brings More Invasive Mexican “Workers”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2019

Remember when America First was Trump’s thing? He was going to improve the economy, make better deals, get Americans lots of jobs, and stop wasting money on foreigners and foreign interests.

That’s over.

Trump has gone full Golem. He’s Israel’s best goy, and now he’s also working hard to improve the lives of all of these foreigners that want to work in America the jobs that should be exclusively reserved for Americans.


As President Donald Trump threatened to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border in recent days, his Department of Homeland Security nearly doubled the number of temporary guest worker visas available this summer.

DHS and the Labor Department plan to grant an additional 30,000 H-2B visas this summer on top of the 33,000 H-2B visas they had planned to give out, the agencies confirmed.

The H-2B visa is for foreign workers to come to the United States and work for several months at a company such as a landscaper, amusement park or hotel. About 80 percent of these visas went to people from Mexico and Central America last year, government data show.

Trump says there is a national emergency at the southern border because too many people are trying to come to the United States. On Friday, he implored migrants to turn around and go home.

“We can’t take you anymore,” Trump said Friday while standing at the border in California. “Our country is full.”

The Center for Immigration Studies, which urges lower immigration, said Trump “betrays American workers” with this H-2B visa increase.

I got all these companies moving in. They need workers. We have to bring people into our country to work these great plants that are opening up all over the place,” Trump said in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month.

Saying that those alleged companies that are allegedly moving in “need workers” as some kind of justification for wanting to flood America with foreigners is not just ridiculous — it’s betrayal.

The corporations were demanding cheap labor before they built any new factories.

And if these new factories exist, why doesn’t Trump go do events there? Put on the hard hat and cut the ribbon, the whole bit?

Everyone likes that bit. If there were any new Apple or Ford factories opening up, I believe showman Trump would be doing that bit every chance he got.

I won’t believe these factories exist until I see these factories.

Honestly, I don’t even know how we’re talking about secret factories. The Mexicans aren’t a secret.

But if they do exist, what was the point of moving them to America simply to bring in Mexicans to work in them? They should have left these secret new factories in Mexico. I would rather have none of the factories and none of the Mexicans than all of the factories and all of the Mexicans.

No amount of Mexicans could ever make America great again. No amount of any foreigners could ever make America great again.

The only ones that can make America great again are real Americans.

Trump seems to be confused about that. In fact, he just seems confused about everything lately. He’s confused about his father’s birthplace and he’s also confused about how many miles of border wall he’s built.

He also appears to be confused about his immigration policy.

On the one hand he tells people he wants to build a wall to keep people out and that “our country is full,” but on the other hand he says that “we need people” to work in factories no one has even seen yet. Saying that America needs workers encourages all kinds of browns from down South to try their luck joining a caravan.

He’s contradicting himself on everything that characterized him.

  • “America First” but new jobs are for foreigners
  • Build the wall but let the highest number of people EVER to come to America
  • Make America Great Again but replace real Americans with foreigners
  • Make good deals but give everything to Israel without getting anything in return

He may be getting poisoned.

He may be mind-controlled or his mind may be slipping away due to age. Or whatever.

I don’t really care what turned him into a golem.

I care about America being the home of Americans and not the whore of browns and foreigners.

What are we even going to do with all of these “foreign worker” invaders once the robots take over everything?

They’ll riot. They’ll want “their share” of the bag.

They’ll continue to suck America dry… unless we stop this invasion.