Trump Does the Thing: Tweets That If We Can’t Vote Because of a Virus, We Have to Delay the Election

Finally, President Donald Trump has stated the ultimate obvious fact.

If these people want to play a stupid game, they should win a stupid prize.

The sickening Jewish media and the Democrat lies machine (but I repeat myself) have been attempting to create hysteria levels capable of justifying a mail-in election, because they know they will win a mail-in election, because it will be so wrought with fraud.

The obvious thing to do in a situation where these people are too afraid to vote because of a virus is to delay the election until they’re comfortable voting. This would be specifically done for the benefit of the cowardly baby Democrats, who are so afraid of this virus that they’re talking about how we should walk around wearing goggles.

Republicans aren’t the ones who are afraid to go vote.

The media, obviously, went completely insane at the suggestion that the election be delayed.

CNN is saying “no time in history have we delayed an election.”

Well, CNN, you disgusting Jews – no time in history have we done voting by mail! Which is crazier???

We’ve certainly seen a lot of other things never seen in history in this first half of 2020.

No one in history ever saw an entire economy destroyed because of the flu, for example. The media announced today that the second quarter 2020 was the worst quarter in US history, economically, and they’re blaming that somehow on Trump, even though shutting down the economy was their idea.

Further, at no time in history did we see the rich elite of a country promote a rioting mob burning down everything.

This is a year for firsts.

The first mail-in election, or the first delayed election – it’s going to be equally new, but one of those things is reasonable in the name of securing the vote and the will of the people, whereas the other is a gigantic power grab by one party.

I support Donald Trump’s plan to delay the election. Of course, it doesn’t matter much that I support it, as I’ve been banned everywhere on the internet, all of the people who used to spread my ideas to the masses of people have been banned everywhere on the internet, so the only people who I can influence are people who probably already agree with this idea.

It’s so sad that we do not have freedom of speech, because the people support the president.

After watching the hearings on big tech, I think the lack of control over the internet is reason enough to delay the election as well. With people who support the president being systematically silenced, there is no way to have a free and fair election, even if we don’t vote by mail.

Hopefully, Trump goes into ultra mad lad mode and shuts down the election. He pretty much needs to do that, because if he loses, he’s going to end up dying in prison, unless he flees to Russia or something.