Trump Defends the Redskins and the Indians from Culture Attackers…!

Donald Trump is going all in on the culture war, defending everything.

Honestly, I’m surprised that the Redskins and the Indians have made it through this long. That really shows that no one cares about the Indians (the race) in the first place, because people have been talking about this for years and sports leagues have been woke for years.

They’re going to change these team names now, without any doubt.

But I’m very happy Trump is out there standing against it, because it shows that at this point in the game, he’s moving towards just defending everything that the left attacks, instead of doing this, “oh, well, maybe they have a point about some of this…” thing he was doing a few weeks ago when he signed that Executive Order about the cops.

As I’ve said this whole time, everything that the left attacks should be defended on principle, even if you for some reason do agree with some random thing. And everything the left defends should be attacked. That is the only way to look at any of this and not get bogged down in the way they intend for you to get bogged down.

For example, I’m not a big fan of the police after they did that lockdown and openly violated the Constitution and their oath to the people. But when the left is attacking them, of course I defend them on that front. Because the left is not attacking them for enforcing the lockdown. The left loves the lockdown. The left is attacking them for things that I support them for, such as killing black people.

Trump’s Redskins and Indians tweet indicates that he must finally get this.

If he’s really going all in with the people on a ride or die campaign against social justice, we’re going to have a glorious 4 months ahead of us, even if we end up losing.