Trump Defends Peacenik Agenda Against Republican and Democrat Jew War Machine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2019

What a shocker that this group would turn around and Jew over Trump in the name of the kikes!

Fox has officially made a hard break with Donald Trump, something I predicted back in March when Paul Ryan was made an executive at the company.

They recently put out a fake news poll claiming that Americans want the president impeached. Now they’re really shilling hard against his peacenik agenda.


President Donald Trump challenged Fox News host Brian Kilmeade Monday for criticizing his foreign policy moves in Syria.

“Brian Kilmeade over at Fox and Friends got it all wrong,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “We are not going into another war between people who have been fighting with each other for 200 years.”

Kilmeade was sharply critical of Trump’s failure to prevent Turkey’s military offensive in Syria, arguing America was abandoning the Kurds who aligned with the United States to defeat Islamic State. He also warned Trump a thousand Islamic State prisoners were “running wild” in Syria as a result of the conflict.

Kilmeade argued Trump should act in Syria to defend the Kurds, despite his campaign promise to get American troops out of the Middle East.

“Go with realities on the ground. Don’t go with a campaign promise when the reality on the ground is ISIS is targeting us, Al Qaeda is targeting us,” he said.

Turkey invaded Syria last week, allowing hundreds of ISIS supporters to escape in the chaos from a Kurdish camp in Syria, according to Kurdish officials.

Oh really, Brian?

ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

Who else?

Are the Soviets involved? What about the Nazis?

How about the Spanish? 

This whole “we must save the Kurds” thing is just absolutely beyond belief. It is so bold.

As I wrote earlier today, the Jews have gone absolutely nuts with this, saying that it is the sacred duty of America to protect the Kurds.

That’s the liberal angle. The conservative angle is “ISIS will somehow reemerge even though they’re completely destroyed already and only emerged in the first place because the CIA funded them.”

But you see Kilmeade mention the precious Kurds, and the liberals will mention ISIS, so it is just a totally unified pro-war agenda against the stinking hippie Donald Trump.

Patchouli-smelling Trump supporters protesting the brave Jewish agenda to bring democracy to the Middle East

The good, good, good news is that there is no longer anywhere for the US to get involved, because now the Kurds are allied with – wait for it – the Syrian army.

Against the Turks. 


Look at confused CNN whining about it:

Abandoned by the United States and facing a deepening Turkish military offensive, Kurdish forces near the northern Syrian border have struck a deal with the Syrian government, marking a major shift in the country’s eight-year war.

On Monday, Syrian troops were reportedly advancing north towards the border to confront Turkish forces, returning for the first time in years to a region where the Kurds had established relative autonomy, and further solidifying Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s grip on the country.

The agreement between Damascus and the Kurds comes as US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of all remaining American forces out of northern Syria. The move signals a departure from long-standing US counter-terrorism strategy in Syria, which hinged on a close partnership with Kurdish-led forces to combat ISIS.

In discontinuing that approach, the Trump administration has effectively ceded influence in northern Syria to Assad and his allies and raised the specter of a resurgent ISIS. Over recent days, Kurdish authorities have reported the escape of hundreds of ISIS family members from a camp in northern Syria, and warned that ISIS militants held in prisons could be next to go if fighting with Turkish forces continues to escalate.


CNN will literally suggest to their retarded audience that Assad is somehow in league with ISIS.

But I mean – WOW.

Major shift here, which means that the belligerents are now:

  • Syria
  • Russia
  • “Kurdistan” terrorists
  • Iran
  • Hezbollah


  • Turkey
  • (Maybe a few remaining Sunni/ISIS terrorists)
  • (Maybe Israeli air strikes, who knows)

There is nowhere for the US to get involved as of today.

The Syrian Army is now already inside of Kurdish territory and working with the Kurds. So the US would have to join the Turkish side and fight the Kurds and the Syrian Army in order to… defeat ISIS?

There is no longer any coherent line of argument that the media and the Republicans/Democrats can use.

Instead they’re just whining about the betrayal of Kurdish democracy, even though the Kurds have already aligned with Assad, who we’ve been told for nearly a decade is the most evil ever gas master and brutal dictator.

So, call this 4D chess or 2D chess or checkers or ping-pong, but President Trump has, with this series of decisions, ensured that it is more or less completely impossible for the United States to reinsert itself into the Syrian situation short of outright declaring war on the Syrian government in the name of like, democracy and human rights or whatever.

So, say what you want – this is a great, great development.