Trump Defends Charlottesville Nazis Against Jew Media Lies, Condemns Antifa Terrorists

Daily Stormer
August 15, 2017

This is huge.

The entire Jewish media is pretending that the violence at Charlottesville was initiated by our side, while painting the opposition as good boys who didn’t do nuffin’.

That, of course, is a disgusting distortion of reality.

While it seemed like Trump was going to back down and stick to the official story (though halfheartedly), he’s now completely turned around and is attacking the antifa as being the violent terrorists they are.

Ordinary people always experience disgust and loathing when confronted with leftist agitators in real life. This is natural, as all of these people are dirty, smelly, unkempt and dead-eyed subhumans. But the media normally do a good job of hiding these people and putting a slick coat of varnish over this human garbage in their portrayals. So the average person really has no idea about the true nature of the antifa.

The Trump condemnation is one of the first times when there is a mainstream debate about who might be the “good guys” between the Communists and the Nazis.

And as soon as you ask the question, our side basically wins automatically.

/ourguys/: Chads and normal guys.

Antifa: Evil, disgusting degenerates.

All we need for a major cultural victory is an honest comparison.

Anyone seeing us fighting against antifa will be instinctively reminded of superheroes taking out the trash.

This is a huge victory for us.

Hail Trump!

Hail Our People!

Hail Victory!

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