Trump Cutting Funding to Anti-White “Racial Sensitivity” Brainwashing Program

This seems like a totally normal and healthy message that is good for society.

The President is giving a decent amount of pushback to this ultra-bizarre anti-white race material getting forced down our throats.

Imagine that the feds moved to institute “white privilege” training sessions for federal employees while Donald Trump is in office, and he had to come and be like, “whoa, whoa, whoa – what’s going on here? Yeah, we’re not doing this.”

Imagine what this will be like if Joe Biden wins. They’ll just cut out all training completely, and every job in the country will just be nonstop anti-white hate indoctrination.

Washington Post:

President Trump is moving to revamp federal agencies’ racial sensitivity trainings, casting some of them as “divisive” and “un-American,” according to a memo by the White House Office of Management and Budget.

In the two-page memo, OMB Director Russell Vought says Trump has asked him to prevent federal agencies from spending millions in taxpayer dollars on these training sessions. Vought says OMB will instruct federal agencies to come up with a list of all contracts related to training sessions involving “white privilege” or “critical race theory,” and do everything possible within the law to cancel those contracts, the memo states.

The memo, released on Friday, also tells all federal agencies to identify and if possible cancel contracts that involve teaching that America is an “inherently racist or evil country.”

“The President has directed me to ensure that federal agencies cease and desist from using taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions,” the memo states.

Vought writes in the memo that “it has come to the President’s attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date ‘training’ government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda.”

He then refers to press reports that say federal employees “have been required to attend trainings where they are told that ‘virtually all White people contribute to racism’ or where they are required to say that they ‘benefit from racism.’ ”

It could not immediately be learned what training sessions Vought was referring to in the memo. Recent Fox News segments have heavily criticized “diversity and inclusion” efforts in the federal government started under the Obama administration.

“It’s absolutely astonishing how critical race theory has pervaded every institution in the federal government,” Chris Rufo, research fellow at the right-wing Discovery Institute, told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson earlier this week.

Other experts say racial and diversity awareness trainings are essential steps in helping rectify the pervasive racial inequities in American society, including those perpetuated by the federal government. Several studies have found federal contracts are disproportionately awarded to white-owned businesses. In 2017, a study by the Minority Business Development Agency found a dwindling over two decades in contracts for minority-owned businesses, according to NPR.

OMB said it would soon issue more guidance on curtailing these training sessions. An administration official said the order has already gone into effect: Such a training on “class biases” scheduled for Friday was postponed. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details about a postponed session.

Racial awareness trainings can help officials realize unconscious bias in the awarding of contracts from the federal government, the country’s largest employer, said M.E. Hart, an attorney who has given hundreds of diversity training sessions for businesses and the federal government for more than 20 years.

The racial sensitivity trainings can improve morale and cooperation in the workplace, and by increasing the diversity of perspectives, ultimately improve overall efficiency, Hart said.

“If we are going to live up to this nation’s promise — ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’ — we have to see each other as human beings, and we have to do whatever it takes, including taking whatever classes make that possible,” Hart said. “These classes have been very powerful in allowing people to do that, and we need them more than ever. There’s danger here.”

“This shit is totally legit – just ask this guy who makes millions of dollars off of it, he’ll tell ya.”

It is absolutely insane to frame opposition to “white privilege” cult propaganda as anything other than an attempt to deconstruct the social fabric of this country.

But check this: Daily Beast reposted this WaPo article, and the tag they gave it was “propaganda.”

Apparently, the implication there is that Trump is doing propaganda by banning this anti-white cult material.

I just want to say:

All of this “white privilege” bullshit preys on sheltered morons.

Unlike racism-believers, I’ve spent most of my adult life living in nonwhite countries.

The idea that life in a country would not be easier for the people who make up the majority population of that country is simply insane and makes no sense, at all.

Of course you’re going to have an easier life in a country where you are the majority. It is actually impossible for that to not be the case.

It simply does not make sense that a country would design itself around serving someone other than the majority population, and any country that did that wouldn’t survive. The majority population would rise up and be like, “look, this is stupid, and it doesn’t even make any sense – we need a different system.”