Trump Cucks on Immigration Ban, Only Suspending Green Cards (Which the State Department Already Did)

If you thought that in a time of total collapse, Donald Trump would cuck less, you were wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself. Shortly after the news broke that Jared Kushner, the Jewish boy who has sex with Donald Trump’s daughter, was attempting to change the immigration ban executive order that Trump had announced, Trump said at his daily corona press conference that there never was any plan for an immigration ban – it was always just a pause on green cards!

“This pause will be in effect for 60 days. Afterwards, the need for any extension or modification will be evaluated by myself and a group of people based on academic conditions at the time. This order will only apply for an individual seeking a permanent residency. In other words, those receiving green cards,” Trump said¬†dumbly.

“We want to protect our U.S. Workers. I think as we move forward, we will become more and more protective of them,” the orange individual lied.

Just so you understand how dumb this is: the State Department has already stopped processing visa applications, due to the virus hysteria. So he’s signing an executive order to do what is already going on.

In fact, Trump’s order as it is now described doesn’t go as far as the State Department has gone already. It will not apply to people seeking “temporary status” or a “temporary work permit.” He didn’t say if it would apply to the chain migration of family members of those who have already been issued fraudulent citizenship, but we can assume it doesn’t do anything about that either.

Tucker called Trump out on this.

He pointed to a poll showing that 79% of the country supports a temporary ban on all immigration. That’s all Republicans and a whole lot of Democrats.

Another poll he pointed to found that a staggering 83% wanted a complete ban on immigration from Mexico.

There could never be a time more perfect for enacting an anti-immigration agenda. Virtually all the people want it right now, and none of them are going to make much of a fuss about it.

But Trump I guess just doesn’t give a shit about anything but sucking Jew cock. While Rome burns, Trump fiddles with Jewish dicks – using his mouth.

What an absolute sham.

You elect an anti-immigration president, then you get a dumb, nerdy, gaylike Jew in his thirties to come in and run everything, doing the exact opposite of what was promised.

If Trump is sad because people call him a racist, he is doing nothing to stop that from happening. This is the worst of all worlds, where he gets called an evil skin-hater, and yet nothing even gets done.

All of these people are just going to keep saying he banned immigrants – saying the exact same things they would be saying if he’d actually banned immigrants.

That last tweet is Julian Castro, who you may remember is the Mexican who said he wants to make sure trannies have access to abortions.

Thinking that immigration helps an unemployment crisis is actually stupider than thinking a tranny can get pregnant. I mean, maybe someone who isn’t familiar with the situation could think that during “gender transformation surgery,” they install a womb. There is no such possible misunderstanding as an explanation for saying that the solution to there not being enough jobs is more people looking for jobs.

But I guess Trump makes the same mistake as Castro, huh?

I do think that as this really heats up, people are going to demand a shutdown to immigration. I also think that general anti-immigrant sentiment is going to go into overload mode. I cannot see a situation where when people are struggling to eat, they don’t fly into a rage when they see these brown people who came here to feed off of us doing better than they are.

In fact, I think you’re going to see serious violence. I just don’t think you can do this to people without there being violence. I’m not talking about dumb terrorist attacks, I’m talking about a situation where the anti-immigrant sentiment finally boils over and you just have collective retribution taking place on the streets.

There is going to be general lawlessness and extreme crime as the society collapses into chaos, and when people are barely getting by, the Paki who runs the gas station or corner store, the masses of Mexicans crowded into houses living on welfare fraud, the stinking Indians cooking curry next door will start to seem a lot more villainous. People with nothing to lose aren’t much for hesitation.

I disavow violence and so on, but there isn’t any way to avoid this. All the ingredients have been added and a cake of total destruction has been shoved in the oven.

Jared Kushner can’t cockblock a pogrom.

Nor can the media shame people that are destitute into caring about the bizarre abstract moralism of “brown people are superior to you and have a right to take everything from you because of various things that happened before you were born.”

Liberal morality is a decadent indulgence. And it is going to be the first thing to go.

Trump would do well to get out in front of this issue, as he may be able to stem some of the rising tide of rage if he acts to lessen the amount of exploitation of the country by these foreign hordes.

But I guess that’s not on the agenda.