Trump Cucks Hard, Cancels Meeting with Putin Over Ukrainian Boat Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2018

This is one place where Trump was able to make a decision, and he decides to cuck out.

Sorry, but this is fucking disgusting and shameful.

He knows as well as I know – as well as anyone who knows anything knows – that this was an organized NATO hoax designed to escalate tensions. The Ukraine doesn’t deny that their ships ran all up on Russian waters doing bizarre maneuvers and refusing to respond to communications – there is video of it happening.

The situation was purposefully designed to be a lot worse than it actually was. What the people who ordered this wanted was for ships to sink and for people to die.

But Trump is going to pretend another stupid hoax is real. Because going along with idiotic hoaxes has been oh-so-helpful for him in the past.

Furthermore – if there is some kind of a problem, wouldn’t it be BETTER to meet and talk to the guy about it? Isn’t an ostensible crisis a MORE REASON to meet?

Trump attacked the reasoning of “I won’t talk to you because we disagree” all the time during the campaign, he knows how stupid it is. He is just openly and pathetically breaking to media pressure here for no reason. He doesn’t get any points for this.

He will still be called a Russian agent, forever. No one is even paying attention to this sort of thing at this point. As soon as people hear the word “Russia,” they shut off because their mind is already made-up one way or another.

If the media can just decide public policy, dictate the behavior of the President, then what is the point of even having a government? We might as well just hand over control of the police and military to CNN and let them rule by decree.

But I Guess…

There is nothing really for them to talk about anyway.

Trump has to understand that this is all a gigantic hoax, all of these alleged actions of Russia. So Putin can tell him that, and he can say “yeah, I know, there’s nothing I can do about it though.”

So on that level, the meetings themselves between Trump and Putin serve no purpose, other than PR.

Seeing him bow down before the media like this sure does make him look like a pussy though. I can tell you that.

What else will you do if the media demands it, Mr. President?

Are we just going to go ahead and do World War III over some stupid border incursion in Eastern Europe that literally no one in America even knows about let alone cares about, while our own border continues to be invaded?

How far will you bend over? 


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